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A Day at the Pool: Mom's Edition

Updated on September 15, 2016

Remember the days of relaxing by the pool with a cold beer, tanning lotion, and some friends? Yeah, me neither.

Earlier this summer, for the first time ever, I took my one year old swimming. I imagined an enjoyable day in the sun where I could float in the pool with my daughter in tow. Together, we would splash around, giggling and laughing. We would wear adorable bathing suits (mine would conveniently hide my stretch marks) and my husband would snap magazine ready pictures of us. It would be the perfect day.

After a year of being a mom, I’m still learning that nothing, and I do mean nothing, ever goes as planned.

Instead of a perfect, sunshine-filled day, I got yet another harsh lesson in the reality of motherhood. Here are the 5 things I learned during my little girl’s first pool time adventure:

  1. Applying sunscreen to a newly mobile human being is NOT EASY. Not only did I spend fifteen minutes trying to get every inch of Aria’s skin covered, but my precious little girl decided it would be fun to lick the sunscreen off of her arm. There I was, frantically rubbing it in, when her tiny baby tongue shot out of nowhere and scooped up a big blob of the stuff. Not cool, kid, not cool.

  2. Just because your kid loves baths, that does NOT mean they will like the pool. Every night, my little girl runs to the bathroom and bangs on the side of the tub until I get her bath ready and put her in. She loves it. In my mind, a pool is just a big bathtub, right? Wrong. From the second we walked into the water, she clung to me like a spider monkey. She had no interest in the floaty we bought her or the pool toys. Nope. All she wanted to do was snuggle mommy while halfway submerged in lukewarm water.

  3. Just because your kid doesn’t like the pool, that doesn’t mean they want to get out. Since Aria basically wanted nothing to do with the water, I figured we’d just get out and try again another day. Nope. The second I began my ascent out of the water, the screaming began. Thinking she was just cold, I quickly wrapped her up in a towel, but that didn’t suppress her baby rage in the slightest. She kicked. She squealed. She practically jumped out of my arms in her desperation to get back in the pool. So, I climbed back down the pool steps, she spider monkey’ed me once again, and we stood there for another half an hour while she refused to loosen her grip.

  4. Whoever said girls can’t pee standing up was wrong. After a thoroughly disappointing outing, we traipsed back inside and began getting Aria dressed again. I took her wet bathing suit and swim diaper off before turning to grab her a dry diaper. Aria made a break for it, running as fast as her little baby legs would carry her, until she made it to the living room. Just as I was about to grab her, she spread her legs and let loose a mighty stream. Day. Made.

  5. Most important of all, despite the exhaustion that will set in after taking your kiddo to the pool for the first time, it still makes for some pretty great memories.

See? Who doesn't love that?
See? Who doesn't love that?


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