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A Father's Love: An Adoption Story

Updated on October 19, 2012

Double Adoption Story

Kids at Parade
Kids at Parade | Source

Double Adoption Story

Rom 8:15 For ye have not received the spirit of bondage again to fear; but ye have received the Spirit of adoption, wherebywe cry, Abba, Father.

Remember how you felt as a child knowing that your father loved you, no matter what? How, even after he disciplined you he would wrap you up in his arms and tell he still loved you, no matter what?

Remember how as you grew older and came to know God? It was so easy to see Him as the good Father He is. You had already experienced the love of your good, loving Dad. That made it so much easier to understand the love of God for each of His children.

Those are awesome memories that a growing number of people cannot begin to understand. We have no clue about that kind of loving father on earth. We wouldn’t dream of depriving those who do have that kind of life to look back on with fondness. It’s just that we don’t have that way to understand the love of God as our Heavenly Father. It takes some of us many years to reach the understanding that He can love us just like we are.

Some of us who have our own children start to understand His great love for us through our love for our kids. Others are still struggling to understand that, yes God loves me. I still don’t understand how because I know how filthy and dirty I really am. I know all the times I have fallen and He picked me up again.

Sometimes, God is the only Father some of us have known. As we get to know Him through His Living Word and life experiences we come to understand how an earthly father should be, not the other way around. I know that an earthly father should spend time with his kids. That he should tell them he loves them. He should listen to them and talk to them and give them His set of rules to live by.

I didn’t have an earthly father who wanted to perform the functions of that role. My maternal grandfather stepped up to the plate and did his best to fill that emptiness inside every child that cries for the filling of the void left by lack of a father. It has taken 50 plus years to come to some semblance of understanding of a father’s love. It also took the raising of two more generations of young ones to deepen my understanding of an earthly father’s love and understanding.

We recently adopted our four grandchildren and now there is an even greater understanding of a father’s love from the point of view of an adoptive father. Now, I have the role of my grandfather, having become the adoptive father. Things are very different as an adoptive father. You may have taken children who are half grown. Your job is to love these children as your own, as though you had raised them from little children. You realize that this is your relationship to your heavenly Father. Jesus Christ is God’s son, we are adopted into His family. The loving relationship that is developed is awesome. We come to God with so much baggage and yet He loves us in spite of all our stuff.

The four siblings, my grandkids, I have adopted have a lot of issues, yet I love them. They mess up reqularly and badly, I still love them. We are the same. We come to God messed up really badly because of all the things that have happened to us and He loves us. We mess us really badly, probably daily and He loves us.

If you are don’t have that understanding of a loving, kind yet strict father just realize that you can have a Father in heaven who will love you like that. If you mess up He won’t disown you or give you intolerable punishment. His door is always open to you and He is ready to mend any hurts you may have. Getting to know God and understanding Him is the best way to understand how it might be to have a loving earthly father.


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