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A Few Tips For Disciplining Your Kids

Updated on August 20, 2011

When your children are very young, you may find it extremely difficult to discipline them. They may not understand your emotions but you will keep worrying if they misbehave. You may not really know how to handle this. If your children continue with such a behavior, your frustrations and worries will increase and this may affect your health also. At the same time, punishing such young children is also not a wise step.

You know pretty well that if you succeed in disciplining your children, it will help them in their future because they will acquire the great qualities of self-control, organized behavior and so on. They will respect others' feelings and will also learn empathy. But, if you adopt harsh methods to discipline them and force them to behave well, it may cause more problems. They may become rebellious and their behavioral problems may increase. The following few tips may be useful.

- You should first understand that all children are not equal. Therefore, there are no one-size-fit-all formulas for disciplining them. Even among your own children, each child will be different. You should adopt a separate strategy for each one of them.

- Attachment is the first step on which you can build the edifice of a good discipline. This process of developing attachment in the minds of your children begins even when they are very young or when they are infants. If you shower your love on them, you can easily mold them during their elementary years. You should never adopt techniques that may shame them or belittle them during those years. You should not also commit the mistake of comparing them with other children. It will spoil the process of attachment itself. Instead of adopting such strategies for disciplining them, you should listen to them and understand their minds. If they come to understand that you are showing respect to their feelings, they will also start listening to you. This will lead to a healthy relationship. They will also learn to respect others' feelings and in future, they will know how to show empathy towards every one.

- As your children grow, you should expect some element of misbehavior from them at every stage of transition in their mental growth. You should fine-tune your response to such a behavior and bring them back to the right track. You should be more accommodative if you want to make them pliable. You must understand that their world is expanding and various external forces also influence their behavior. So, you should show restraint and should not make any hasty and thoughtless decisions. A robust approach is needed for surmounting this problem. If you are focused, you will get the intuitive answer to the craft of disciplining your children.

- You must never forget to praise your children at every success or every achievement they make, however small it may be. Only by doing so, you can unravel their fullest potential. You should show to your children that you have complete faith in them.

- One of the most effective ways of disciplining children is by having an open communication with them. Not only you, the entire family should communicate with them openly. Such open communications involve two-way discussions, more listening on your part, having frequent family meetings, finding immediate solutions to conflict-situations, etc. Instead of adopting an autocratic stance, you should try to have a cordial relationship and a good communication with them if you want to succeed in your efforts.


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    • dreamdamodar profile image

      Raman Kuppuswamy 6 years ago from Chennai, India

      Thanks Erin for your nice comment. Raman.

    • Erin Boggs1 profile image

      Erin Boggs1 6 years ago from Western Maryland

      Somethings to consider the next time my child is acting up.

    • depressionwebsite profile image

      depressionwebsite 6 years ago from Santa Clara, CA.

      Really great ideas, thank you.