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Family Saves the Nations

Updated on August 22, 2018
Rodric29 profile image

Rodric Johnson is a husband and father first and an author as time permits. Enjoy his writings. They are a constant work for him to improve.

First Organization

One of the greatest and most influential organizations to ever exist on the face of the planet happens to be a small and seemingly insignificant group when compared to the empires of old and the august councils of the world.

This organization has existed for longer than any other organization that has ever sprung from the minds of humanity arguably.

And, it will exist long after many other organizations have floundered and dissolved because of the loyalty it creates.

It is universal above the cultural differences of all nations, kindreds and tongues and changes with cultural ties; yet the protection and safety it provides thrive upon the understanding and conscience of all who hold it dear and sacred.

This organization interwoven in our religious lives as deities of many faith also abide within the same organization, provides the building blocks of every society in all of its unique forms.

As it seems to crumble to some into other forms, lacking the traditional model most common to humanity, always this group is essentially the same in form consisting of one or more leaders, usually two, and followers who are born to or adopted into it. This group, this ancient sacred and holy group is called family.

Marriage and Family

Religious notions and dogmas proclaim the family organization for whatever purpose or purposes they support.

The family as it is constituted by the majority of the world consists of a husband, a wife, and some children.

There are variations to this model--some with multiple wives or even husbands or same-gendered couples--but the product or the purpose of the family organization is essentially the same.

In modern society, people marry for love and children may come to that union. Marriage to produce families has become a second reason to marry now as divorce rates rise because of the indifference of the partners to resolve concerns.

It is fashionable the globe over in Western culture to end relationships and disrupt families due to irreconcilable difference. Because love, shrouded with infatuation, eventually becomes a memory for many marital unions, the partners feel that spark of excitement that started the union is the measure of what a lifetime of family should be; therefore ending the union when those flames of desire diminish or dwindle.

It was not so with the past generations. Marriage was a lifetime commitment for better or for worse. If the flame of desire died, the partners would adjust or work the matter out to rekindle that flame. If there were temper problems, abuse, addictions, or maladies of any kind, women and men were more willing to work out the problems than break the vows of family unity.

In past generations, children were more dear and revered as the continuance of the family line and great efforts were taken (not all of them of repute) to ensure that those children grew in a stable home where two parents, a husband, and wife lived. Family adoptions occurred when children were born out of family unions.

Children were raised as siblings when youthful mothers were unwise in their choices or savagely bereft of virtue. So seriously considered were the family lines in past times that to the shame of those societies, women were snuffed out and smitten in cruel manners if it were discovered they were not chaste! Not that those evil and unfortunate practices of purification have place in today's society by what comes next, but society should learn a lesson from the assertive nature of our ancestors.


Nature of Family

Society should seek to preserve the sanctity of family and the reverence of children above the personal desires of the individual. Modern people teaches the individual is who matters most in relationships as mentioned before in reference to the frequency and the normalcy of divorce in world culture.

Oppression and mistreatment of women and children have caused a civil world revolt of women who seek opportunities outside of rearing families because of the distasteful acts of their spouses.

The power and influence of the mother, which has for centuries suffered the lack of proper understanding in value, has not received recognition but insult and downplay.

This sacred and noble service of mother no longer qualifies as a respectable occupation for educated women, though it is the service which mothers provide that shapes the world though the lessons they teach the children in love and patience.

Culturally, especially in Western culture, women are encouraged to work outside the home for fulfillment and leave the rearing of children to strangers and nannies. With mother gone, the familial bonds weaken as the children in those unions depend on the care of others, who lack the love a mother has for the success of children, spend the majority of time training them.

Children become a burden rather than a heritage and gift. Motherhood becomes a job performed in between the careers of powerful women of the world--if considered at all. Men become the objectified along with long held tradition of the objectification of women and families become strange.

Men seek to relinquish the traditional duties to honor and protect the sacredness of womanhood and debase them in images and video to gratify personal pleasure and insatiable appetites.

Socially maladjusted sociopaths grow in maleficence to ravage women because these never received the lessons of self-control or selflessness whether or not their families endeavored to instruct them (Any man that steals the virtue of another person, man or woman, is enshrouded in selfishness).

Men, convinced that honor and chivalry are evil in nature because of the poor examples of its practice from history, abandon the practice and expect not to owe the women whom they marry support for her service as wives and mothers further disrespecting the honor of motherhood. This aids in the reconfiguration of the family.

A Matter of Consciousness

Both men and women seek alternative relationships because of personal preferences--changing the natural evolution of the family intellectually; yet devaluing traditional relationships authoring confusion--though no psychologically agreed upon negative application of these unions exists.

These same-gender relationships are based on the personal desire of those involved and not the continuation of family and legacy though couples in these relationship desire children using adoption or other means to achieve that goal. The family has become a matter of conscience only and is the by-product of a union if the parties within that union decide to keep a consciousness about continuing the relationship.


Family Strength

Let all who read decide to put the children first after marriage. Let all who have children and are in a relationship commit to rear children in a marriage union to produce well-adjusted children if he or she has a companion to do so.

Let men seek to provide for their spouses to remain at home and care for children, respecting their spouses in all regard and providing intellectual stimulation and equal influence for their spouses.

Change the families' budgets and adjust them, if possible, to one income so that children will have parents home who care for them and find fulfillment in serving their needs--intellectually, financially, custodially, emotionally and all others.

Though not traditional, even in same-gender relationships with families, seek to provide for one spouse to remain with the children. It is better for a mother and a father to rear children in the opinion of many religious and governmental organizations.

It is also the order and natural process of human development for heterosexual relationships to dominate. However, parents in these homosexual headed families also must endeavor to seek the best interest of the children by providing as much of a traditional life as possible, with a recommendation to find new partners of the opposite sex to do so.

No greater gift will a father ever give to his children than to show them that he loves their mother.

Love Your Spouse

Fathers, love your wives. Cherish them and honor them. Seek out their best interests and submit to their happiness above your own. Pledge to them your affection, protection, support and fidelity above other women. Use self-control and humility to persuade them to follow your lead and be willing followers as well. It is natural and common for men to lead families, but they must do so in righteousness only as the families are willing to follow fathers' lead through gentle persuasion--never by compulsion. It is a hard task and very burdensome. The rewards of doing so with righteous women will bring amazing blessings into your families.

Mothers, love your husbands. Honor them and seek to support them through service and nurturing affection. Be counselors and leaders in righteous behavior for them that they may honor you as the highest authorities in this life in confidence and trust. Lighten their burdens by managing the affairs where possible of the homes and providing safe havens from society for them and your children. It is a humbling and a hard task, but the blessings of doing so will bring happiness and satisfaction.

These ideas are common for much of the world enough for it to apply to any religious group or non-religious group. As I have sought this pattern of behavior, I can testify that my life has improved, my wife is happier, and my children are better off. We are a long way from perfecting our relationship process, but we are willing to learn and forgive as we travel the road together as equals. If we are willing, all of us, we can overcome this trend of divorce and provide a better society for the next generation. Before the fall of every great civilization, the family failed first.

What do you think?

Can families truly be happy?

See results

© 2012 Rodric Anthony Johnson

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    • Rodric29 profile imageAUTHOR

      Rodric Anthony Johnson 

      8 years ago from Surprise, Arizona

      Recently my wife and I had a terrible experience where the divorce word came up and was seriously considered. My wife called one of our friends to help and she reminded us of or marriage vows and love for each other. Medical issue did help to further our rift but we decided to forgive each other and move on together. It is hard to do when you want to be the one who is right. Pride destroys forgiveness. It is hard to let go, but very possible to do with effort. More effort than sometimes we may have on our own.


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