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A Home is not a home without Mom

Updated on March 21, 2014

Have you ever wonder about how important a mother is in this world? Can you remember all the sacrifices she makes for her family? She is your everything ,anywhere and everywhere, even if she is miles and miles away; her presence is always there by your side. A mother can seem a bit supernatural for they bring us into this world, hug us when we are scared and share wisdom to help us navigate the darkest day. She is a figure of respect and obedience although she has a strong character but she is your best and real friend.

Remember how she carried you for 9 months? The things she had to suffered thorough her pregnancy,she had to throw up all mornings, she couldn't sleep most of the nights ,but she never complained. She was desperately waiting for you to grow inside her womb and then waiting for you to come to her world, to her arms; she was waiting to see your face, to feel your breath, to kiss you and keep you by her arms. She was with you when you started growing, when you were sick ,when were teething, when you had fever ,although she couldn't sleep she was strong and kept on being by your side, playing the role of a doctor and a nurse till she saw you getting better. She taught you how to talk, how to walk, she let you fall so that you learn how to stand up. She was there when you had your first shot, when you went to the dentist and to the pediatrician, telling you to hold on to your pain and that everything was going to be alright. Her heart was in pain when she left you on your first school day but she was there supporting you. She was attending all your activities ,even when had a rough day. She saw you in all your growing stages .She is the most amazing woman that God had created .

A mother is someone that could stand by your side no matter how hard the situation is .Each year we celebrate Mother's day as a tribute to all those strong, supportive mothers throughout the world. It is celebrated on various days in different countries, in spring . The historical background of this day goes back to era of ancient Greek and Romans. Ancient Romans celebrated a spring festival called Hilaria dedicated to Cybele a mother goddess. But the roots of Mother's day festival can be traced in UK before the United States of America. According to history, a Mothering Sunday was celebrated annually in England to honor mothers. After a prayer in the church, children brought gifts and flowers to pay appreciation to their mothers. Today it is celebrated across 46 countries and it is a huge popular affair. Million of people take the day as an opportunity to express their gratitude and love to their mothers ,thanking them for their support and for giving all what they could give.

It has been recorded about the importance of this human being for her way of dealing with things. She could do her full time homework alone, by herself, either in her house trying to end each day better than the other or in her place of work, dedicated to give the best of her. A mother is the emotional backbone of the family . When she is absent, the house's atmosphere is so empty. She provides the holding place for everyone's feelings and she does her best to keep you from being hurt. Her kisses are like a curing pill, they heal your wounds physically and emotionally. She works so hard and she makes lot of sacrifices without anyone's notice, just to fill up any necessity that her family needs. She forgives, encourages and is patience in all means.Even if you planned to climb the highest mountain, you could see her giving you all the support, love and prayers for your success. Her boundaries make you a better person ,although you may haven't like all her decisions but she keeps you out of travel.

Isn't she like a computer? Ready to answer all the questions and do all the hard activities. Her smiles makes your day, her support makes your way and all she needs to know is that she has helped you enough throughout her motherhood, so that you are aware of all the barriers in life. There is something beyond words to express to this amazing human what she means to us , there is an infinity of pages to write about her. Her best gift is to know that you a happy, successful person, so be there for her as she is for you, and don't just wait for mother's day to express how much you love her.

Happy Mother's day to all the fabulous mothers out there.

Mother's songs by Tori Kelly


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    • billybuc profile image

      Bill Holland 4 years ago from Olympia, WA

      Lovely tribute. I lost mine nine years ago and miss her very much.