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A Millennial's Message To All The Baby-Boomers Out There Who Keep Bashing On Our Generation.

Updated on August 13, 2016

At Least What They Need To Realize

You know, every other day I am always reading these articles talking about the news, and it's always about something interesting like sports, the presidential election (and proof that this is probably one of the worst ones in the history of the United States of America), racial tension and riots happening in some other town I'm so grateful I don't live in (Thank God), or something about our ever-so-fluctuating economy and how everything's being affected, from the job market to home ownership. But every so once in a while, I come across an article that just grinds my gears and seriously gets on my freaking nerves. It makes me want to punch the person that wrote it! And usually that person is a member of the most hypocritical, and self-indulgent generation living in America....Baby Boomers!

First of all, let me establish that I'm aware some of my aunts, uncles, and even my own parents are Baby Boomers, and though I occasionally find their nagging a tad annoying, I know that they have my best interest at heart and will always have my back. So, they are exempt from the rant I'm about to unleash on all other Baby Boomers who have the nerve to put bash us Millennials like it's an Olympic sport. Since this is a response to the line of attack they dish out all the time on their own articles about generation-Y's "many shortcomings". Allow me to draw my own sword and join the fight they've started.

For years, I've seen so many articles being conducted by Baby Boomers that have content discussing how "terrible" us Millennials are. According them, we have no work ethic, we are "super spoiled", we are too stubborn, we never do this, we never do that, and all of us are such freeloaders because we live with our parents. Also, apparently we're all total sluts and don't have any moral standards. Might I add that, according to them, we can't get a job or even keep one long enough if we DO get a job. Wow, just wow! The sweeping generalizations that are thrown our way just because of the stupid actions of a select few. It amazes me even more how they like to treat everything like they all are the reason why every good thing was brought to us in the first place, but they don't like thinking about how they handed us some of the negative repercussions of their own foolish actions, like the recession, and a tougher job market (likely the cause of why we can't get the jobs we need), a flawed education system (also why some people might not survive in the "real world"), shitty college experiences because some of them suck as our teachers, and basically how the government is even regarded nowadays! When all their predecessors were retiring or dying, those freaking' Baby-Boomers took over and collectively ruled the world however they saw fit, actively trying to change things until things seemed right to them, but with that came a lot of messes that it seems they just won't take responsibility for. They rather dump all type of "you're lazy as fuck and dumb" insults on millennials, and blame them for everything under the sun. It's like an old, White republican (of the racist variety) blaming president Obama for anything he's done in the last eight years, even if some of his plans have been for the benefits of the American people. Like, seriously, if that person fell down the stairs and broke his leg because he didn't look where he was going, he'd probably blame Obama for that, too.

But really, I find it disgusting that there is so much hate for Millennials these days. It's like you can't walk into an office ready to start a work day without someone of the older generation snarking at you and talking behind your backs to their cohorts about how your generation is "too sensitive" or "unprepared for the real world", or "always thinking they have a right to their opinion". No, no, no, no, and no. Don't give me that shit! Like any of you old fogies are any better. You boomers are part of the "I'm going to try my hardest to not look like an old, prejudiced windbag and act fake in front of every new, young, and even colored face I meet while slipping in my prejudiced opinions about people who are different from me" association. You're also part of the one-way jerk brigade, as in you hate it when someone is so sensitive and "defensive" to your lame, insulting jokes, but if someone does it to you, you're the one who’s the victim whose authority is being undermined and you apparently have every right to be mad. Yeah, see, I got some nice names for you guys, too, and I've been around both groups long enough to observe how fake some of them are, especially my fellow women. They're no better than some dip-wads who are considered my peers, but at least those guys who are my age are never constantly one the computer typing up the next article about how the generation behind is so dumb or lazy , or whatever while ignoring their own glaring imperfections.

Here's some advice: you all should realize that it's stupid to judge a whole group of millennials so harshly based on what you see only a handful or millennials do. It's disgusting how you guys spend time complaining and generalizing an entire generation of people you don't even know personally or haven't even met. And blaming millennials (the generation that will one day rule the world and replace you imbecilic old fogies, also deciding what hospice you'll all be staying at when your time comes, by the way) when you old fuck-ups are the reason why the world we live in has been in such economic turmoil and constant political struggle, and dealing with an ever-diminishing environment. You guys are so quick to judge all of us twenty-something, even though it was your dreary ass that probably spent so much money on your so-called "spoiled children", and wasted time ruining our very education system (forgetting that we are the future of this country and are deserving of a better education so we can not only take care of ourselves but people like you, once again, when your time comes) when you should have been banding together making much better decisions. And don't make stupid excuses for your generation, making it seem like the millennials are "so ungrateful" and "obnoxiously spoiled" while ignoring the woes your generation caused, regardless of who spent time walking with MLK or modern-day suffragists, because half of you guys barely did any of that altruistic shit you keep claiming you’re so responsible for. Baby Boomers are the real over-indulgent generation, so hypocritical in every aspect these days, currently still the reason why the world is as crappy as it is for Americans and non-Americans, yet quick to turn around and bother asking millennials for help when they don't know what to do with their smartphones and fancy new laptops. And if I want to add something, it's the fact that I know that my generation isn't perfect, we do have are flaws, but we are by far no the absolute dumbest generation, only some people are total idiots, just like in every other generation. But you know what? In some ways, we have some of you baby boomers to thank for that, don't we? The best generation would likely be the WW2 generation; they were not perfect either but they were a thousand times better than some of you whiny, oafish old naggers.

And I could go on about how it was only some boomers that started the revolutionary things we are so lucky to have today, some boomers that did the most amazing work in anything, some boomers who did anything you mentioned at all, and you guys still screwed up the economy, our education system, how we get our news, how children were even raised, and so much more. Oh, but wait, your generation doesn't want to talk about all that stuff, don't they? They're too busy wanting to look like the perfect generation that is just totally blameless for everything that has been going on, so they dump all that shit on millennials. You old hags need to start looking at yourselves in the mirror, and please, take a really good look. Once you're done, you could get back to us.


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