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"A Mother's Love" By:Connie Arnett

Updated on June 29, 2016

"A mother's love is the closest thing to Christ's love that I can think of...

It's an unconditional love from above.

When everyone else has given up on you;

thinking there nothing else they can do.

A mother's heart says," It isn't true!"

Christ sees all you can be.

He sees potiental in you and me.

A mother will believe in you till the end.

And try to be your best friend.

With Christ it is the same.

He has called you by name.

No matter how many times you may fail

this love will prevail.

We will go to our knees.

We will cry out to God with our pleas.

For you we will pound on Heaven's door.

We will give till we can give no more

then we will rise up and give some more.

Others may turn their back but a mother's love will never lack.

A mother's love is so strong..

It's forebaring and long- suffering long.

Only Christ can love you more.

He knew you before

But a mother's love is not enough

when things get tough.

Our very life we would give

so our children could live.

But there is only one who holds this precious gift in his hands

and for you he has wonderful plans.

As great as a mother's love can be it can never set your soul free.

I know Christ's heart and love are so much bigger than mine and the greatest love you'll ever find.

A mother's love and Christ's love is a great thing-

But only one will eternal life bring!


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