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A Mother's Strength (Know Yourself)

Updated on June 19, 2017


Know Yourself

"Knowing who you really are is knowing the truth of your essence"

We must excel at caring for ourselves.
I learned several years ago that I respond to specific external factors when it comes to stress management. For instance, I love muted lighting. It causes me to feel warm and relaxed. Even more than that, I love candles — especially fresh linen scented candles. Their glow and aroma seem to reduce my stress. It makes me feel good. I also love quiet and peace, it helps me concentrate on what I have to write. I want the radio playing or the TV running for no reason at times it keep me going especially if I listen to my favorite music it gives me the energy and then I am inspired to do more.

What do you like? What calms you? What kind of atmosphere is beneficial to you? Know those things about yourself and make them happen as often as possible. These are small but effective ways to take care of yourself.

I have been trying to learn and know more about the profession of motherhood, as a young mother of three boys I was always very tired and felt both emotionally and physically depleted. My 7 month old baby slept several times during the day, but I felt I needed to work hard during those nap times. I'd would "earn my keep" for staying home. I felt guilty taking a nap. I often asked myself if I needed permission to take a nap. I needed someone to tell me that taking a nap was a perfectly acceptable way of taking care of myself so I could take care of my family. And had never thought about it until it hit me. As much as I wanted to, I am trying, I am trying to constantly remind myself and give myself permission to take naps. I am doing it for myself, for my partner, I am doing it for my baby and for my other two children. I am doing it for my family. I need to know myself, my needs and my limitations. I need to adjust my life to take care of myself.

Maybe you're doing a great job of taking care of yourself. If so, wonderful! But my interaction with women tells me that we don't routinely do a good job of taking care of ourselves. In fact, most of the time we wait until we've crashed, either emotionally or physically. Or we wait until we blow our tops. Or we just plain old wait until our tanks are empty and we have nothing left to give to our husbands and children.

As you begin taking care of yourself, you'll be amazed at the change in energy, attitude and effectiveness you'll experience. Most important, your job satisfaction will soar to new levels. The career of motherhood is very demanding. The work is worth it, but it necessitates knowing ourselves, setting boundaries and taking care of our minds and our bodies. As we grow in our career of motherhood, we must respect the unique needs of this particular profession. We must excel at caring for ourselves. To do this effectively, we need to learn about the person who wants to take care of us.

Our Source of Strength

All the things we've talked about are very important, but if we neglect the one who truly can meet our needs, we will always be looking for more. We must understand our value in Christ. Taking care of a family involves mundane chores. It is repetitive work. And it is exhausting. But God's Word is designed to fill us up. God wants to give us rest. He wants us to pull up to his pump and fill our tanks by being in relationship with him. He wants to encourage us with his Word. When it comes to taking care of yourself, God says, "I want to take care of you. Will you let me? Will you grow to know me more? Will you let me share life with you? Will you let me into your world?" Understanding our worth in Christ is the most important part of taking care of ourselves. He is the Ultimate Filling Station. He will help us keep balance in our lives. He loves us unconditionally.

"Knowing who takes care of us

We can take care of ourselves

and we can take care of others"

What have you done today to take care of yourself?


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