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A New Seed

Updated on July 10, 2014
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Teen pregnancy hit a historic low in 2012, but it is still an issue. It seems that no matter how loving or well intending parents / educators / friends......may be in trying to be that support system to the youth that are making adult decisions; the final decision belongs to them.

According to The National Campaign to prevent teen and unplanned pregnancy:

"In addition, the majority of children from an unplanned pregnancy are born to unmarried women. This is important because children raised in single-parent families face more challenges in a variety of areas than do children raised in two-parent, low-conflict married families. For example, when compared to similar children who grow up with two parents, children in one-parent families are more likely to be poor, drop out of high school, have lower grade-point averages, lower college aspirations, and poorer school attendance records. As adults, they also have higher rates of divorce. Such data suggest that reducing unplanned pregnancy will increase the proportion of children born into circumstances that better support their growth and development."

My new grand-baby
My new grand-baby

Baby Lestat

African Proverb: "It takes a village to raise a child."

So what is my role in it all ?

Born Lestat Nathaniel Lee Smith, February 13,2010. It was an all night-er but he eventually came and made his presence known to the world.I never thought about the idea of becoming a grand-mum at the sweet age of 56 but here I am.

So many things are going on in my head right now, but it has nothing to do with the pride I feel each time I hold my grandchild. My daughter is an 18 year old single mother and although this is a time of joy, it is also a time of deep contemplation. Young mothers do not have the life experience to fully understand what motherhood entails. It's about more than just having someone to love. There are late night feedings, diapers, teething, crying.......In some ways it's as if I have given birth as well, my daughter is Bi-polar and suffers with severe depression. She needs me in more ways than one. Mentally she is not equipped to do this on her own. I will guide and support her in this new portion of her life but I will not do it for her. I have made sure that she goes to therapy and stay connected with those who have her mental health at heart. I will not rush in with the wisdom of the ages but will share my knowledge. I will not judge what is because the deed is done; but I will stand back with a smile on my face as she learns the answers to why I held on to her so tight..............

My Daughter Makeba

The Proud Parents

Things that make me smile

1. She took the diaper off the baby and found out that he was not finished. I must say that he has good aim and she got it right in the face.

2. His new outfit looks so cute on him, too bad that he spit-up on it 5 minutes after it was on.

3. She wants to go out but so do I, guess who is watching the baby.

4. When she wants to sleep he dose not, looks like another all night-er.

5. Expensive clothes are not poop proof, it passed the diaper right to the clothes.

6. Motherhood is not easy and now she gets it.

7. That belly ring that she use to proudly show doesn't look that sexy anymore.

8. She use to joke about the fact that my belly isn't flat, but now neither is hers.

9. She said my boobs drooped but now hers do.

10. She now has more stretch marks than I do.

11. If she thinks that I am going to give up the joy that I now experience to raise another child she is sadly mistaken.


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