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Every Child Deserves A Loving Family

Updated on April 14, 2013
This child is grateful for his new mother.
This child is grateful for his new mother. | Source

Working with Foster Children and Adoptive Children

My work as a nurse in the Special Needs field involves families that have foster children who eventually get adopted. I shudder to think of the conditions these children could have lived in if there had not been these unique individuals that wanted to share their homes with children who were in misfortunate circumstances such as families with drug abuse, parents who were still children themselves, or even low income families who could not afford the care these special children require. Working one on one allows me to get to know the individual child as a complete person who has the ability to love, the opportunity to laugh and enjoy life if it is just offered to them. I applaud the parents who accept the responsibility to give these special children what they deserve- a home.

A Child's Trust- a poem

Thank You for finding me.

I love my new home I never had

A sister or brother

A new dog or cat in the yard.

A place to call my own.

I didn't know where I was going to-

Felt confused.

I cried because

I was scared. But then,

You hugged me,

And you held my hand.

Gave me

Something to eat,

And new clothes to wear.

With new toys

You let me play.

And at night

Before the

Lights went out In my room

You would stay.

Thank you

To my new Mom and Dad.

Now I know where I will always stay.

Copyright @2010 CMCastro


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    • GinaBina4 profile image

      Gina 4 years ago from West Tennessee

      This is so precious Christina. SO beautiful!

    • richtwf profile image

      richtwf 7 years ago

      Hi Twin Sis,

      Thanks for sharing these lovely words. We often take our parents and homes for granted. Your words remind us of how grateful we should be for the parents that we have and for their love and care that they show towards us.