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A Rare Praiseworthy Deed from a Teenager

Updated on May 17, 2017

Exemplary Action from Today's Teenager

Anyone who teaches degree college students, especially the first and the second year degree students can agree with me that these are the years when more than 80 percent of the students are not serious in their studies. They feel that this is time when they can loosen up a bit before taking a plunge in their final year of degree college, when scoring good percent is a must for securing a decent job.

Though teaching is considered and is one of the most respected jobs, I feel when it comes to a comparison between a school and a college teacher there is a wide gap in terms of veneration and authority. At school level children are in complete awe of their teacher and the teacher too has full control over them, because discipline is the main mantra of all the schools along with imparting quality education. However when the same students cross the boundary of their school and enter the college ground, it seems that they undergo quite a revolutionary change. A meek and mild child suddenly can become the most attention seeker either due to his fashion or due to his active participation in all the activities which happen in his college. How does this metamorphosis happen? Could be because all the restrictions, discipline and fear of authority are suddenly put in the most neglected recess of the college and freedom in everything becomes the theory to be mastered for all these youngsters. Of course there is nothing wrong in relishing the freedom which only colleges offer.After spending around ten to twelve years in strict atmosphere of school circumference, entering the college premises becomes almost like achieving long coveted independence for all these students.

I do not have any grudge against this carefree and cool attitude of these college teenagers. Yes these are the years especially the first and second year of their college when they can chill a bit, concentrate on all the other extra curricular activities which were not given enough attention during their schooling. However as we all know that too much of everything is bad, and when this carefree and cool attitude crosses the prescribed limit, it becomes a big nuisance. There are different types of these youngsters. Some are attentive, some act to be attentive, some attend only for attendance, some want to have fun in the class by disturbing the entire class..... The list is endless. However in this list of students the incident which happened today is something I wouldn't be able to forget for a long time in my life.

In one of my classes, where majority of the students are sincere and quite co-operative, there is this invisible bond of trust and friendliness between me as a lecturer and my students. I love and enjoy teaching this class because physical and psychological barriers are minimum and the interaction is quite gratifying. However today after dictating the internal assessment paper, when I was explaining the students about how they should frame their answer,suddenly a paper plane came towards me. It was quite shocking for me, because so far I had always received only adulation from my students. Yes I know these kind of things happen in many colleges; but then it definitely is not a situation you would prefer yourself to be in.

As I was really furious, I told the entire class to wait, though it was the last lecture. I called for the disciplinary committee member because nobody was ready to take the responsibility for their action. At this time a boy named Prem who as per my knowledge is one of the well behaved students in the class, and who was sitting on the first bench, that too in the corner from where the possibility of paper plane flying was absolutely not there, stood up and said that he did it and requested me to let the others go because they should not suffer due to someone else's fault. Though I was not convinced, as the plane had clearly come from the straight line and not from the left or the right side, I told all the other students to go and took his ID because I was seething from inside due to this gesture from my students. He quietly gave it and went out. Later from his friends as well as from the other students I came to know, that he wasn't the culprit, but took the onus on him to let the others go out of the class.

I was dumbfounded. In today's era when all of us have become so self-centered, and try to push or pull others to race ahead of them, this action from a teenager was nothing more than a fable from Aesop. Hats of to you Prem for showing the initiative and the readiness to take other's blame. With your magnanimous deed you have shown that still there are leaders who can risk their chances in life to defend the thousands without voice.


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