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Updated on May 6, 2011


 We are currently giving asylum to my stepson and stepdaughter in law.Through no fault of there own, they find themselves on a bit of a broken chain in moving up the ladder of property. To explain, they agreed to sell their flat and to buy a semi in a different pat of town. No problem, save the house they are buying is not currently available as the owner there was let down on the property she was moving to and thus,has to search elsewhere. Meanwhile buyer of their flat needs to move in as she is coming from another region and has to start new job, or lose it! Not an unusual situation and one where family should stand up and be counted as we have.

They have been with us for 3 weeks now and all is fine save my stepdaughter in law in particular cannot get a good nights sleep. We have just changed the mattress to put their own mattress on their bed to hope she may achieve success. The poor girl went to a Spa weekend but could not sleep there either, so I am  sceptical for our hopes.

They are not surely alone in this and we all propound solutions that may work but in all truth non of us convey conviction.


Thus, this is a heartfelt request to readers to come out with solutions to this problem that have worked FOR THEM! Please no "the man in the pub knew a chap who had a friend whose mother drank a pint of sump oil every night before retiring and slept like a log" type of things. Just simple "THIS WORKED FOR ME" is what I seek to assist a charming young lady to get in her fully deserved 8 hours. I say fully deserved because of course, living in asylum conditions ,she has me to put up with as well as her husband, to say nothing of the dreaded mother in law! She will try anything legal and remotely sensible I can assure you.


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