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A Simple Prayer for Pupils and Childrens

Updated on October 16, 2011

Pupil’s Prayer

Lord, we praise and worship You for Your gifts of life, for good health and for Your loving presence. Thank You for all the blessings, for those who love us best, for our caring and supportive family, teachers, friends and many answered prayer. Help us to appreciate all that we have, to be content with it, to be grateful for it, to be proud of it. Be with us in all things great and small. You are our shield, our strength, our guide worthy of all our love, praise and worship. Help us to discipline our thinking and actions, to do what is right, doing the best we can and leaving the rest to You. Give us the gift of perseverance, Your wisdom to help us understand our everyday lessons. Help us to study patiently, orderly and constantly, to develop in us the gifts of God and always to make good use of them according to Your Divine will. Amen.


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