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A Spiritual Message For Struggling Single Mothers

Updated on January 3, 2013
Single Mother
Single Mother | Source

Several years ago, God gave me spiritual messages for two of my nieces, who were young single mothers struggling with life and seeking a sense of self. Two beautiful young women with children yet still children themselves in many ways. I shared the following messages with each of them and now I pass on modified versions for your personal encouragement or to pass on to someone you know who may be able to identify and be lifted in spirit toward a more productive and fulfilling life.

Beloved Message #1

Beloved, you are a very sweet spirit with a good heart. You have always been a very loveable person. You, Beloved, are a beautiful princess with tremendous potential to be successful in whatever you decide to do.

Beloved, when you finally make up your mind that you want to live and take responsibility for your life, you will be amazed at what you can and will accomplish. With God’s help, all things are possible, just ask and believe.

Beloved, no matter what it looks like or feels like now, this too shall pass. You, Beloved, have a divine purpose, a future, and a hope that God wants to and plans to fulfill in your life. You’ve tried it your way, now try turning control of your life over to Jesus and let Him have His way.

Beloved, you have survived many challenges and deep sorrow. For each day that you awaken with breath in your body, be encouraged with another chance to begin anew. There are resources and opportunities available to take you where you haven’t even dreamed of going when you prepare yourself to take advantage of them.

Beloved, read the bible and daily devotions and practice the principles in each. Pray and ask God to help you get to know Him personally, and then ask Him to help you see yourself through His eyes and affirm what He says about who you are.

Beloved, when you can see the beauty of your spirit, the power of your presence, and know your ability to do all things through Christ who gives you strength; your entire world will be turned right side up. Your children will excel emotionally, spiritually, physically, and academically and they will rise up and call you blessed.

Beloved, receive God’s plan for you and choose life, so that you and your children may live, be blessed, and increase!

Keep Your Head Up

Beloved Message #2

Beloved, you are and always have been an honor student. Beloved, you can and will excel in whatever you choose to apply yourself to if you do it wholeheartedly, keep your head clear, and stay focused. However,

Beloved, you won’t be able to fully do that until you release the anger, pain, resentment, and hurt you have been carrying inside you for years, creating opportunities to unleash them on whomever, especially your mother and little sister.

Beloved, you have to learn how to give it over to God and ask Him to heal you; otherwise, you will block yourself from reaching your full potential and you will also pass that poisonous spirit onto your baby. Get to know Jesus, definitely, and seek counseling if necessary.

Beloved, you can let go and heal from the past if you sincerely want to in your heart. Ask God to help you want to, and then speak forgiveness and healing with your mouth. Fake it until you make it. Say it until it is so. Release the pain of yesterday and embrace unconditional love today by forgiving and accepting your mother for who she is as she is.

Beloved, you are a beautiful creation, but the internal rage is distorting your image. Although you are the only person that you have the power to change, you can set a responsible and loving example as you mold the behavior of your children.

Beloved, did you know that the power of life and death is in the tongue? Think about it– in the beginning, God spoke this world into existence. Imagine how different you might see life and yourself if you had received positive affirmations of love, beauty, and your ability to excel. Do not speak what it is or how you feel, instead speak how and what you want it to be. Do this for yourself and others.

Beloved, if you change your thoughts, your heart will follow. Then it will show itself in your life. When you change, the world and the people around you will begin to change as well.

Beloved, you can not change the past and tomorrow is not promised, so all you have is the gift of today to do your best. Your actions and attitudes influence and affect everyone around you. Decide each day whether that influence will be positive or negative.

Beloved, Choose Life! Be positive and let your Spiritual Light Shine the way it was intended by God for His glory.

Abundant blessings,

Jo Anne Meekins

For Such A Time As This
For Such A Time As This
By Jo Anne Meekins (Inspired 4 U)

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