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A Tribute Poem To My Stillborn Daughter

Updated on February 22, 2016

My Beautiful Flower That Faded Away

In memory of my daughter Brianna

Brianna's memory "stillborn March 29,1990"

My beautiful flower that faded

Jesus said behold the lilies of the field how they neither toil nor spin... beholding their beauty without knowing there is even more within,

but even though Solomon with all of his glory, was not arrayed like one of these... as they trust the masters hand, who had created them with ease.

And though seasons change, but certain things remain the same but this one thing holds true... as you look down from the portals of Heaven, just know that I love you.

Like a dream through the night, you were such a beautiful sight, as I held you on that memorable day... wondering whether to just stop and pray, because of all of the chaos and confusion, had me wondering was this all real or just a delusion,

and at that moment there was nothing more that I could say... because you were my beautiful flower that faded away.

To everything there is a time and season... and for many things there is no logical reason with understanding knowing this scenario is not through... with anticipation and excitement I'm waiting to see you!

To see the sparkle in your eye, as we embrace in the sky. A flower that will have grown, into someone I may not have known... If it were not for God's grace, allowing family to once again embrace.

and with this conclusion I say... you are my beautiful flower that faded away


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