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A Truly Silent Killer

Updated on November 25, 2009


If a person is diagnose with the following diseases, Cancer, Aids, Parkinson's it becomes a dilemma for all concerned. Doctor over a period of time have developed a variety of theories on how to cure diseases. However, If you dont' have a great insurance plan your life could end suddenly. The medical obligation are staggering. Much of this expense is due to administrative fees. There you are your love one gone for good physically, but you are left with a mount Everest of obligations. All of the this is a tragedy for sure. Yet, the world rarely takes a notice to world of poverty.

This condition kills from the inside out. Often it goes unnoticed until the person acts irrationally or dies. Then briefly some one may pay attention. Poverty never seem to make the list but it is obvious how it affects both individual or group. A person or group who has access to a good home and good nutrition on a regular basis in more apt to seek out a dream. It hard to seek other dreams when your main dream is food and shelter. There is enough money in the world if it were redistributed to end poverty and hunger instantly. However, if you were to do this what would become of the both for profit and non profit organization who profit from misery. The body is only a shell for the real individual, it you kill the body then were does the real person exist.


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    • profile image

      SabrinaLOTT27 5 years ago

      This is great that we can receive the mortgage loans moreover, this opens new possibilities.

    • Gypsy Willow profile image

      Gypsy Willow 6 years ago from Lake Tahoe Nevada USA , Wales UK and Taupo New Zealand

      You make good points here but I fear USA has passed the point of no return for so many of its citizens. So sad!

    • ibbarkingmad profile image

      Brian 6 years ago from Utah

      The issue is that when you are not the person paying the priced goes up. Imagine grocery insurance or movie viewing insurance. Insurance is meant for worst case situations but people are using it for routine medical needs now. So when people don't pay out of pocket the medical industry (ALL OF IT, not just the insurance companies) go nuts and charge $50 for a bedpan or $30 for a syringe. When people pay directly the cost goes down. The market adjusts and things get better. Insurance should go back to what it was meant for, catastrophes, not routine medical needs.