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A Young Father's Manifesto

Updated on August 29, 2015

Loving Your Wife

As a good father, I will strive to love my wife perfectly. A good father must love the mother of his children in order to teach them love and respect. I will strive to plan dates monthly with my wife. I will love her in the little things every day of my life. I will support my wife in everything she does. I will help her strive to be the best wife and mother that she possibly can. I will help her achieve excellence in her profession. I will offer love and support for her on an emotional and spiritual level. I will help around the house to ease her burdens. I will always remain positive, even in the most difficult of times.

Teaching Your Kids Right from Wrong

I will help my children to become respectful, engaged, and good citizens. I will give them an education that promotes the values that we are trying to instill in them. I will help them to become disciplined in their routine and with their money. I will encourage them to show compassion and sympathy towards others. I will teach them the value of honesty, even when doing so does not benefit them. I will teach them integrity, which matters above all else in this life. I will teach them the importance of charity, both for the benefit of others and their own souls. I will teach them to always be respectful of others, even when they do not agree. I will teach them how to fend for themselves in this time, so that they can be self-reliant and God-reliant. Above all, I will give them a set of principles to help guide them through this life.


I will be a good provider for my family. Not just for their temporal and physical needs, but for their emotional and spiritual needs as well. I will make a good living for them so that they will have a sense of security. I will maintain work/life balance in order to make sure that my children are well-equipped to face the world. I will look after our financial present and future and do so prudently. I will seek to be frugal and not spend money where it is not needed. I will pray with my family and teach them about God and their faith. Our home will become a small church where all of its members are accepted and are given the ability to grow together. I will be a good listener, will sympathize, will mediate arguments, and help my children to overcome their obstacles. I will be involved in the lives of my children, religiously, attending their sporting events, dance recitals, graduations, and anything in their lives that is important to them. I will help my children to discover their talents and encourage them to further develop these talents. This is in order to help them to be the person that God created them to be. Above all, I will realize that providing means having a good job, for good pay, but also being more than just a paycheck to my family.


As a domestic church, my family will be no stranger to prayer. We will pray daily as a family. Daily prayer as a family is vital to help learn and address each other’s concerns. It is also important as an act of communion with God and one another. I will encourage my family to develop an individual relationship with their Creator and learn to love Him. We will attend religious events regularly outside of our weekly obligations.

Modeling Good Behavior

Above all as a father, I will model good behavior for my children to imitate. Children learn more about how to behave from their own parent s than from anyone else in their lives. At home, I will imitate the virtues that I seek to instill in my children. In the office, I will work hard, be honest, not participate in gossip, and otherwise keep my integrity intact. My children need to know that their father is a trustworthy, respected man everywhere he goes. Good behavior does not just extend to work. I will model good behavior whenever in public. I will have good manners and will act with the utmost integrity. My home will be a reflection of how I treat others.


I will love my family in the day-to-day activities of family life. I will encourage growth and personal development. I will have hobbies and encourage my children to have hobbies as well. I will laugh and play with my kids. I will know how to be silly and tell jokes. I will help with homework, and will research how to help when I cannot. I will read in front of my children and encourage them to read so that they may gain knowledge. I will surround our family with other families that have the same values so as to reinforce the truth of what we believe. I will be ardent in helping with chores and will encourage my children to help as well. This is so that they will have a strong work ethic. We will have family dinners at least four times per week so as to build unity in our family. We will have a routine an d stick to it so that my family will know what to expect on any given day.


The family is a reflection of the Church and the Trinity. We will strive everyday for perfection in love. We will build virtue, help one another, and be charitable towards others. We will pray everyday and will try to show God’s love and mercy to all


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