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A callout to parents

Updated on March 14, 2016

The story I am about to present deals with issues such as obligations and duties of a parent, child’s needs, coping together as a family, and organizing one’s priorities.

Once upon a time in the great city of Wonderland lived a young girl named Puppet.


As an only child, Puppet always got whatever it was she wished for. Her parents, Mr. Desk and Mrs. Staple knew no other way of showing their love and affection for the poor child, and being busy and constantly work occupied (meaning they were spending little or no time with the girl), they bought her presents instead.

Puppet’s room was filled with presents. In fact, there were so many presents in that room, you would have difficulties in finding your way out once you somehow ended up inside.

Toys, toys, toys...

But it would be wrong to assume that Puppet was a selfish and spoiled little brat. Oh no... That was not Puppet at all. Puppet I knew was an ever smiling, bright, clever and kind little girl, always ready to lend a hand. Unfortunately, there was something cold and black behind that smile.


The truth is, despite all the presents and all the toys you could possibly imagine, Puppet felt very lonely and had no friends beside her that would ease her pain, relief the solitude. All until one day. The day Puppet received a gift from her parents, and may I add, it was a very special one! A gift that was made of feathers, could walk and talk, and was equipped with a pair of exceptionally colourful wings. That is how I first met Puppet.

A special gift

I will never forget the look on her face when she unwrapped the box. Oh, the joy the joy! Rainbow-head, that was the name that had been handed to me.


As the time went by, the little girl and I became great friends. Every day she would sit beside my cage and talk to me. And I would listen. She taught me almost everything that there is to know- the first man who stepped on the Moon, the great pyramids in Egypt following the river Nile, the great wall of China which is visible from the very outer space! Actually, I am still not sure about that one, might going to have to check it up! And plenty, plenty more, while the years kept passing by...

I, on the other hand, helped Puppet in forgetting about her loneliness and leaving her sadness behind, but it was me who began to feel nostalgic and somewhat homesick. You see, I come from the wild jungle of To-To land, and can honestly say was not used to that kind of living- life in captivity.

As much as I loved and cared for Puppet, my heart was craving for freedom. My thoughts were restless, and I would often find myself dreaming about the tall jungle trees whose heights were unreachable even for me, the hot air and the heavy air you could almost cut with a knife, the soothing sounds of nature and living beings inhabiting it.

To-to land

Then came the day she gave me the look. The look that said more than a thousand of words, the look that would melt the ice, and I knew that she knew. She decided to set me free! And I flew and flew and flew... Oh how I flew. Believe me when I say that despite the distance between us, Puppet will always hold a special place in my heart, and I know it goes same for me. For all the years I have spent with Puppet, I have helped her grow up into a dazzling young lady, whose smile earned her a whole bunch of friends, because it came from the heart this time.

To conclude, the story is entirely fictional, came from my head as well as the paintings, as to put it in a nice way, the importance of family, being there one for another, giving our best in learning from each other. Take care of your children, it is them that hold the future!

“A baby is God's opinion that the world should go on.”

— Carl Sandburg

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