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A day with my son

Updated on August 5, 2010

Father and son

Father and son

There is no denying that we have busy lives and that we all have active schedules. Mom and dad usually have to work 5 or 6 days a week and the kids have school throughout the week. Therefore during the week it is harder to spend quality time with our children because they have to be in bed at a reasonable hour and the workday can be a long one so our time together is minimal. It can be very frustrating and can make us feel like we are missing out on the most important part of our life which is the relationships we forge with our children.

It seems then that the weekends are the most important times where we can plan family outings and enjoy our time together as a family. I know that I have always felt it was extremely important that we spend as much quality time with our children and allow them to invite their friends over to play. I also value the time I have with my son where it is just me and him and we have the full day together. I always enjoy bonding with my son and giving him my time and having an active day planned.

Since my son and I love driving we usually take a nice drive depending on the weather to the beach or local pool in the summer time where we spend a couple of hours in the cool water enjoying our time together. We usually enjoy the ice cream man's visit where we have a delicious ice cream cone which is a nice way to top off the day at the pool. After we get dried and dressed we then stop for a late lunch or early dinner at the pizza place or a restaurant of my son's choice. After we enjoy our meal we then like to go to a movie of my son's choice and have a little popcorn and drink. It is fun spending the day together and doing things that bring a smile to my son's face. That is what I live for which is to make my son happy.

I realize how important it is to spend time together with my son and I am always reminded that we can never get that time back so it is essential that we take advantage of the time now when we have it. I am a fan of music and so is my son and one of my favorite artists who sang songs with meaning and real insight was the late great Harry Chapin. I always felt the pain in the words of the song The cat's in the cradle which is a fine song with a real powerful message that relates the importance of a father spending time with his son.  I know that song really makes me very aware and very understanding of the importance attached to spending time with my son and developing a healthy relationship with him and having wonderful moments together bonding as only a father and son can.

I live for my family and my son is the focal point of my life and he is the reason I have such joy in my heart. It is my son that makes me feel blessed and so very happy. I only wish I could help him with his special needs as an autistic child and show him how to deal with life's challenges. My son is still a young boy and I want him to have a fun and happy childhood and I wish he will find something he really enjoys that will enable him to find friends and enjoy the experience. When I was a young boy it was little league baseball that helped me with my shyness and gave me confidence. I really had the interest and the ability to play and I made friends as a result. With my son it is not sports that he has an interest in so I don't want to push him. I want him to find something he enjoys and also brings a smile to his face and to his mommy's and daddy's faces too.

I will always encourage my son to participate in activities and make friends and I will also always enjoy our special times together because I know they won't last forever so I am enjoying them now and will always cherish the memories and the good times. I have a responsibility to teach my son how to face life's challenges and to grow into manhood and have the knowledge and the confidence to live his life and find himself. I love my son and I will always enjoy our bond as father and son and I take my responsibility as his father very seriously and wish to teach him valuable life lessons.

There is nothing as special as the bond between a father and his son. I do however feel that the bond between a mother and her son is also significant and growing up I had a wonderful bond with my mother as well as my father and I cherished both of them because they both helped teach me to become my own person and develop into a man with a conscience and a heart. I also know that my wife and son have a tremendous bond and I am very happy for that as I know he will need to have his mother's influences as well so he can develop with the knowledge shared by the both of us.

Edward D. Iannielli III


Driving with my son on Father's Day


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