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A father's plight

Updated on December 24, 2010

the father of past and present

I am a student in the 12th grade.I know nothing about parenting or anything but I want to share with everyone what my father thinks about his way and his father's way.He called me one day to his side and said,

"Son,I want to share my experience with you.When I was a child your age I was bound to my family by a very strong bond.By saying this I don't mean that the bond between us is weak but by that I mean that I was tied to my father's decision more than you are and I guess you also admit to that ."

I nodded at this.and he continued.

"whatever came out from my father's mouth was like a unwritten constitution .He would order us to bring things from market and we would rush with a bag clutching our trousers in such a hurry because we knew if I was late then I would be subjected to thrashing.So I would rush.

"In my time I was given a single choice...............either pass your exam in the first try or just sit down and stop wasting money and in that fear of being jobless I would study hard and pass all the exams in a single try .A second chance was not a word in our or our father's dictionary.

"But look at the present generation,ie your generation.You do whatever you like.never go by me.And why shouldn't you?I have given you all that you ever wanted just so that you don't undergo the things that we suffered. A second chance is the only word that you know.Whenever you make a mistake you feel that there is always a second chance.I had given you a bike to use it whenever necessary.But you instead of taking your mother to the hospital saying that the petrol price is rising. Not even a single time does this thought cross your mind when you take your girl friend or your friends behind you.

"Me and your mother toiled hard in the office so that we could give you what we never had dreamt of .And do you want us to feel that you have let us down.Son!Get up and get ahead in life.I don't tell you to take care of me in old age.I have my pension that is enough to even take care of you in case you need it.But ask your conscience..............Will you ever be able to sustain that burden.If you don't want to regret afterwards then work hard now.Thats all I want to say."

Then we remained silent for a moment.The silence was broken by my sobs .I realized what a great mistake I had done.I pledged to remain on the right track as long as I live.Really the plight of my father reformed me.And now I am a changed man.Thank God.........thank father.

emotions for parents

Its a sincere request to all the readers that please become sensitive to your parents.They are the ones who totally stay by your sides always .............. undeterred.They teach you a lot so please just pay some respect to them............... listen to them.


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    • profile image

      vijaya bhaskar 4 years ago

      you asked to say something .but i think you said everything ,nothing for anyone to say more .but if personal experience is asked it oscillates from love to hate,dependence to guardian ,listener to teller,birth to death is common I think everyone should take life as it is treating its a gods gift.if a child becomes a terrorist may be god only can give reply for why he became like that,father never know's.