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Characteristics of the Millennial Generation

Updated on January 25, 2022
Nyamweya profile image

Nyamweya is a Kenyan scholar who has done many years of research on a diversity of topics.

Every generation always possess some traits that differ from the previous generation. Therefore it is, important that adjustments are made at workplaces, home, and learning institutions so as to create a conducive environment for all.

One of the traits of the millenniums is that they do not advocate for the current form of the directorate that decisions are made by top managers in an organization. Hierarchy according to them is significant in an economy where many people come together to produce a lot of goods. The solution that should be implemented is flat hierarchies. Since the advancement of education this generation demands changes that will support every individual in the university to contribute to decision making. The impact of this in UNB is that there will be a pool of choice and the best among them is implemented. Communication between members of the university should be freely done regardless of the position. Technological platforms like for example Skype can are encouraged by the group. The trait of fluid management style, when used in the business, can have many positive impacts.

The millennials have come up with a higher rate of the digital appliance in the world today. Making UNB in the essence of making them comfortable and fit in the school want to adopt this change. Going digital does not only involve purchasing the tools but also means changing the organization's culture. Which makes all the departments in the university to be involved for example human resource, accounting, financial and the rest. Embracing technology has resulted into fast production and excellent customer services. Technology know-how of this generation can be used in the business through coming up with tools that would make work easier in the carrying out of business activities.


Millenniums are in support of continuous changes in their environment and hate defaults. These generations have continually invented so many things, unlike the other generations. For example, Samsung and iPhone currently cannot go for more than six more without launching a new brand unlike before it could take a year. It is, therefore, necessary that this college encourages and motivate them to bring new things to the world. The implication of this is that it has led to growth and competition in the world. Millenniums can use this in the business as a source of their competence over their competitors.

Social Media

It amazes people from the other generation how the millenniums use the internet, for instance, google which can generate so many web link in just a few seconds. Melillan they have grown up using technology which they use to communicate and learn new things. Learning for them takes lesser time as compared from the learning of the previous generation. Transformation of this trait to the market can be done by using the internet to do marketing to learn new ways of doing things in the business world. Some of the character that the millenniums could be very useful to the business owner if they are well implemented. In order to rip these benefits of these traits investors need to create an environment-friendly to both the millenniums and other generations.


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