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I cry

Updated on July 24, 2013

I cry a tear for every mother who has to look down at their child, knowing that their lives has ended because of a person standing behind a gun.

I cried a million tears for the 26 lives were taken by a person, who was lost along the way. young lives are being taken by others with no remorse sorrow because of a troublesome past.

I am a mother who loss her son to street violence, when this happen I felted that my life was over even though I had six more children to love and care for. My attention focused totally on my dead son, even though he was gone.In my mind he was my only child.

My family friends and my children was no longer part of my life, the emptiness I felt in my heart was unbearable. I fell into a depression so deep it almost took my life. The pain and anger took over my mind, my body and soul leaving no room for anyone else.

it has been years since my son was murdered, today the pain is as great as it is the day he was killed on the Streets in Dorchester.

I cry a tear when I hear a ambulance racing to the scene of a crime,knowing a mother somewhere is asking God why my child. I cry a tear when I see Make shift want up and down streets in my memorials honoring life that has been taken. Pictures, flowers, cards, teddy bears and burning candles; tells us that someone special to someone has been killed.

I cry a tear for all the teens hopping that they will realize just how special life is. Right at this moment somewhere a mother heart is broken because she is planning a service for her child. Today is my son birthday all my tears is gone, except this one tear that slides down my face so warm as, I say 'MOMMY LOVES YOU SON".


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    • profile image

      jada67 4 years ago

      To a devoted mother who loves their children, the pain never get easy. Before this happen to me; I found myself telling other mothers of children,who was murdered that live one day at a time. The pain subside but the empyiness last for ever. thank you so much for your kind words. jada67

    • davenmidtown profile image

      David Stillwell 4 years ago from Sacramento, California

      There are never any easy answer. There is never enough time to deaden the pain. There is never a reason that satisfies the heart. There is no way to change the past. It is just the memory that burns too hot. It is just the tears that cry in vain. It is just not acceptable that these kinds of tragic events continue.