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A world of dreams

Updated on August 24, 2012

A Child's Adventure

The sun beat down from a clear blue sky. It was 89 degrees, according to the radio and I was 10 years old, riding with my family to Janney's Fish Camp for the weekend. We had a small single wide trailer that we kept at the camp for our weekend fishing trips.

The old red Ford was bouncing along the dirt road, and my sister and I were smashed together, sitting between my mom and dad. We went to the fish camp every weekend in the summer time. Those were some good times.

It was hot! All four of us crammed into the front seat and no airconditioning! I could feel the sweat pouring down my body and standing out on my freckled face. My legs stuck to the vinyl seats. Both the windows were down and a hot wind was rushing into the cab, taking my breath away.

Soon the sun's assault was assuaged by the huge oak trees that lined the road. Spanish moss hung from the branches of the massive giants. Blessed shade at last! My sister and I grew excited because we knew it wouldn't be long now.

Sure enough, the fish camp rose up in the distance. My heart beat fast. Daddy manuevered the truck into our site and we all jumped out. Glad to be free from the oppressive heat of the truck, we ran to the back of the pick-up to help unload. We weren't allowed to play until everything was unloaded and put away.

My sister and I haphazardly through our clothes into the bedroom and ran out the door. Mama yelled her warning that we needed to be back by supper. Off we went on our latest adventure. Who knew what we would find to do? Our imaginations were filled with so many possiblilites.

Perhaps, we would find the hideout of pirates on the St. John's River, or find some burried treasure. Our days were endless, and twilight only brought more dreams and schemes!

We didn't have a lot of money for fancy toys and such. So, we had to invent things and use cast off items as our toys. A discarded tackle box became a doctor's bag and I was a master surgeon! An old cooler became a raft and we were off to conquer the river like Huck Finn! A shoe box became my Barbie doll's new corvette, complete with racing stripes down the side (courtesy of a few swipes with a permanent marker).

We had so many adventures and found so many ways to entertain ourselves back then. Isn't it amazing what a child can create, what new universes there are to explore, and new life yet to bloom, which exists only in their imaginations?!

Why is it that so many of us lose that ability as we grow older? Is it because we are too busy with our everyday lives to be bothered with such frivolous things?

Back in those days, children were expected to behave themselves. It was better to be seen and not heard (at least that is what my Daddy always said). I would often entertain my sister by telling her stories that I would invent on the spur of the moment.

I loved to sing as well, and often at night my sister would ask me to sing her to sleep. We shared a room and slept in a double bed together. I would sing "Somewhere over the Rainbow" over and over again until she fell asleep. I also had a medley of country songs that I could belt out as well. I usually saved those for when she and I were riding in the back of the truck and the wind whipped through our hair. Those were the days when you didn't have to have a seatbelt on.

I miss those old times and the carefree days that were spread out before me. Maybe I should try to get some of that feeling back and be a little more spur of the moment.

I think we take ourselves to seriously and lose the simple joys in life. So why not pull your kids ( or your spouse) from in front of the television or away from that stack of bills and go out and have an adventure! You don't have to spend money. But, the time together and the memories you create will be priceless!


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    • okmom23 profile image

      Donna Oliver 7 years ago from Midwest, U.S.A.

      Thank you for writing about the simple, fun things we used to dream up to do! Great hub, voted up.

    • Whidbeywriter profile image

      Mary Gaines 7 years ago from Oak Harbor on Whidbey Island, Washington

      Love the adventure, you are so right what we do for fun doesn't have to cost money - just being together is what is important. Thanks for this - nice read!

    • Lisa M Smith profile image

      Lisa Smith 7 years ago from Coupeville, WA

      Hello WildWomanFund,

      Thank you for stopping by! Congratulations on your book as well. I look forward to reading it. Life is an adventure and we need to remember that each day is a gift. I applaud you for going out and taking those chances and living your life to the fullest.

    • WildWomanFund profile image

      WildWomanFund 7 years ago from Austin, TX

      I agree! Having an adventure together is more important than the boob tube!

      When I first got together with my sweetheart, he said, "Every day a story!" It's a russian saying, but it's true for us. Every week we try to have an adventure, whether it's taking a walk in the woods, or trying something new!

      Since I met him, I've gotten a lot more technologically savvy, I've encouraged him to go back to school, to play violin at a professional level, and I'm now publishing my first book and doing lots of speaking engagements and teaching formal art classes, and I've ALSO learned how to make my own hard and liquid soap! It's incredible, what trying to make every week an adventure will do for your self confidence!