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AActive Goal Setting

Updated on March 28, 2011

DFW Teen Voice Prosperous & Thriving Youth

BY Patricia Ross DFW Teen Voice Information About Teen Voice

Are you looking for an AActive Goal Setting Magic Plan?

You have it inside of you, you have already many times heard this repeated that "You already have what you need inside of you". Yes, you already have your Magic Plan by goal setting. AActive, use it goal setting.

Your AActive Goal Setting Magic Plan:

1). Use goal setting to plan out your life short-term and long-term goals. one month-three months, six months to one year goals. This is just to start off if you are not use to goals setting. This will start you off to get an idea and to practice until it becomes a skill. After while with practice this will become your talent to get what you need and desires met.

Ex. I started my daughter setting her goals in elementary school and since then she has completed high school. Now, married for 23 years with 3 children which two are in college which my daughter completed her college and specialized in CIS with a B.S. enhanced career skills in CIS with obtaining a Masters. Also, served our Country in a Military Branch and completed. You get the idea steps and goals in achieving the American Dream.

2). To fast tract, you need to know not just to think about your goals but again you have heard it " write your goals down" Also, you will achieve and accomplish your goal as you go over them.

Ex. like when you study for review over a test. Now, study and review your goals make them AActive. This is when your Magic Plan results will happen just for you. Your dreams will come true.

3). Complete your task which is set out before you that you have place on your to do list. This will assist you to reach your goals three, five and ten year goals for the rest of your life time. As the Creator will allow you to achieve in his plan which is good for you.




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