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ADHD: Result of Genes or Parenting?

Updated on July 14, 2012

Parents of children with ADHD are often reprimanded for the way that they discipline their children; often mocked by family members and friends as to how they handle their child’s behavior. Sad as it is, people tend to be overly judgmental about the matter without even knowing what the reality behind the situation is. Truth is, this situation often causes parents to even question themselves and indicate a sense of disappointment as to how they rear their young ones.

Well, as psychologists define ADHD, it does not come from the bad parenting; instead, it comes from the genes that can be further managed through proper application of unconventional parenting.

This could be both a good and bad news for parents who might be thinking their children have ADHD or for those who already have confirmed the situation among their young ones.

Good news, because it means that their parenting process need not be the cause of stress over the occurrence of the matter. Bad news, because it basically means that it is a behavior that is already embedded within the child’s personality, hence it would need to be addressed accordingly with serious concern for their future development.

Should parents feel this fact? NO!

As mentioned repeatedly, unconventional yet proper parenting could provide good support for those who are suffering from ADHD. One thing to note though, as unique as the parents are, every child is also unique. Children with ADHD may have similarities in symptoms but the way they respond to the situations they deal with everyday would always have some points of differences. This is the reason why parents need to be specifically involved in the course of assisting their children live alongside this particular ailment.

With proper nourishment, extended understanding, developed patience and unconditional love, children with ADHD would be able to see the gifts that are in them. From such assistance, parents could guide the young ones into understanding themselves and seeing what more they could do for themselves and for others as well.

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