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ADHD and a more Traditional Treatment

Updated on August 19, 2012

The need to control both impulsivity and hyperactivity in ADHD patients is one of the utmost concerns of healthcare professionals today. Psychologists support this stance as they intend to mellow down the hyperactivity among individuals suffering from ADHD therefore lessening the possibility of being overly active that makes a definite source of problem not only for the sufferers but for the people living around them as well. The most recent medicines that have been produced for those who are exhibiting symptoms of ADHD include stimulant medicines that are claimed to be effective for people of all ages. These stimulants help increase attention and focus among individuals with ADHD as it controls the brain’s functionality, either lessening or increasing its release of dopamine hence making a balancing effect on the patient’s system.

In consideration with the need to treat ADHD though, medicines are considered to be a source of great help or relief for reducing the adverse effects of ADHD on children. Nevertheless, there are at least 68% of parents of children with ADHD who still opt to handle the situation in a more traditional manner; extending their patients and changing their course of parenting to fit the needs of their children. Is this choice even possible considering the case of ADHD?

There had been successful reports showing that children with ADHD could still be non-medicated and yet gain the positive results from traditional treatment concerning the adjustment of parenting approaches. True, this path is much more tedious, much more compelling and at some point, much more stressing for many parents who are undergoing the challenges of accepting the fact that they are dealing with a special case for their child’s growth and development.

Nevertheless, it has been fully accounted for that the love, attention and dedication that parents have towards their children who have ADHD pays so much in the long run.

How then could parents indulge in this particular process of treating ADHD?

Listed herein are some of the aspects of adjustments that parents could consider should they choose to handle their child’s behavioral and developmental issues through the traditional treatment of ADHD:

Ø Consider giving the children ample attention: It is but a fallacy to consider that children with ADHD need 24 hour attention. As for a fact, giving them ample attention simply means assuring them that you, as a parent, would always be there to provide support and assistance whenever they need to. Unlike other children with special cases, kids with ADHD are more independent. They are attention seekers however which means that at some point, they do expect that you would be there to appreciate them. Giving much concern for such is a definite approach that parents could give considerable attention to.

Ø Know your children better: one specific gift that giving attention to kids provide is the fact that when a parent spends time with his child, he becomes fully acquainted with the young one hence prompting him to know more. Observation and understanding are two of the most important aspects of rearing a child that should be used in this aspect of the approach. Having genuine concern for the young one is a key towards becoming more responsive to the need of a kid suffering from the effects of ADHD.

Ø Understand and accept the differences that your child may have on others : never insist that your child be a regular kid since he is not. It is not easy to accept, but once a parent gets into terms with the matter, then it would be much easier for him to make amends as to how he deals with the difficulties as well as the special capacities of the young one.

Ø Place yourself in a distant position and observe your child with optimism in mind: it is very important for parents to put themselves in a distance at some point. This is especially true when parents become overwhelmed with the situation and they come to appoint when they could not see any good in their children anymore. Exhaustion often kills the desire to help a child. Hence, keeping yourself in a relative distance could help so much in reestablishing the desire to help your child and reducing the stress that comes along with it.

These are only some of the many considerations that parents could give attention to especially when they desire to establish a good sense of controlling their personal emotions while helping their children cope with ADHD in a more traditional manner. Reducing medication is the primary aim of these approaches, nevertheless, if you as a parent, feels that medication is a necessary consideration for your child’s case, then it would be best to contact your child’s psychological adviser now for the sake of gaining a professional suggestion on the matter.


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    • rutheddavid profile image

      Ruth Serrano 5 years ago from Philippines

      hi there Free2writ3 ... thanks a lot for the comment... Yeah, like you, I would love to deal with ADHD in an alternative approach rather than medicine... so long as it is still permitted for the child's sake :)

      have a great day :)

    • Free2writ3 profile image

      Free2writ3 5 years ago from Sharon Hill, Pennsylvania

      I am all for alternative treatment approaches. Great hub.