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Updated on July 24, 2010

It is a dream of every newly married couple to have a child of their own. A couple without a child felt emptiness in their heart. Their lives are not complete without a child to care. This is the reason why some couple opted for an adoption to fill that emptiness. They are ready to give all their effort and support to raise an adopted child under their care with so much love, care and attention during his growing years.

An orphan with no relatives will be given a chance to have a family of his own whose new parents are willing to take care, educate and give opportunity to him. What is adoption, anyway? It is a consent between parents, persons who act as guardian or an adoption agency who look for the welfare of the child. Acting as new parents relinquishing child for adoption, releasing true parents of their right and obligation, duties and responsibilities in respect to rearing a child. This is done through legal proceeding in the presence of a judge or designated officials by legalizing adoption under the protection of the law. The new parents has all the rights of the child.

But adoption has its own limitation and can be terminated under the following grounds: If the new parents abandoned (neglect) their responsibility to the child leaving him helpless. If the new parents failed to support the child during his growing years. If the new parents has found to be mentally incompetent in rearing the child or if the new parents becomes abusive to their adopted child.

It is a cruel attitude abandoning a child than raising them from parents who don't care what will happen to him. Only parents has important role to help a family bonded together rather than separate each other.

A parents who has intention to sell their child is unethical. He has no conscience in taking him in their care because of the promise of big money.

Parents don't understand that letting a child to lose in their sight will suffer him tremendously and emotionally. It is not easy to be taken away from his true parents. A long period of adjustment is too high with less result.

There are many children in the orphanage still wishes to be in their own true parents even if they are no longer wanted them for whatever reason. Most of this children were in depressed state affecting their own total personality and their health.

An unexpected pregnancy for an unmarried mother opted to let her child to be adopted believing that she is not yet prepared to raise a child properly because she cannot support him all the way as she don't have a job.

An adopted child is prone to abuse physically and emotionally from his new parent because of less attachment. He was being monopolized for their own personal interest. This is the reason why an adopted child run away from their new parents because of fear.

A child raised by unrelated person or to those separated at birth from his mother upon knowing his true origin can affect his personality when he become an adult.

What will be the function being a new parents for an adopted child?

-When the right time comes, don't hide from him about his life and his past. Tell him the truth about his origin. He will understand of your honesty in telling him where he come from.

-Whatever question he want to ask, answer him openly without reservation. He will be enlighten whatever subject that bother him when he was alone.

-Be confident with your new role as adoptive parents to protect his welfare by guiding him all the way to the top. Communicate to your child an unconditional love and support.

-Teach your child the positive aspect of his adoption. Help him to handle insensitivity of the most delicate subject about his past to other people around him.


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