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Abortions are fine

Updated on April 5, 2016

Some people have abortions and some are against it.

Some women get them because they can't afford to keep them, can't have them from health issues, are too young and not ready or not in a good situation to have one

People might say "why weren't you careful then?" Well I have this to say did you ever think that they were careful, contraception isn't 100% affective and it can happen. What about those that are raped they didn't have a choice now did they. What about those who didn't know they had health problems and it's best to terminate them, would you seriously say to them why did you terminate your pregnancy to someone if they didn't terminate would miscarriage and/or end up in hospital near death from that pregnancy.

If you have one or more than one. It can sometimes be hard, sometimes it isn't. If you find it hard to cope with whatever happened then you can recieve help, there are places out there that can help. Never let someone else put you down or think your a monster for it. If you just remember why you did it, it was the right thing. You did it because it was the best thing for you and that baby. You can always one day have a baby just because you terminated one doesn't mean you can't have any or you think you wouldn't be a good mother. if you already had a child before as hard as it can be it was best not to give your child a sibling.

NEVER think your a bad person and to those who are against it and would give those who did a bad look. STOP and think she did it for a reason, you do not know their situation so please DON'T judge and give her support or help


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