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Accessorizing Cradles Baby Will Enjoy

Updated on December 25, 2014

A cradle is a type of baby bed that allows the infant to be rocked as he/she is resting in the bed. These are usually too small for an older child to sleep in. Cradles are generally used while the infant is still in the growing stage when a lot of movement doesn't take place when he/she sleeps. There is just enough room for the baby to nestle among the blankets and feel secure. The following list includes cradles baby will enjoy during the early months of life, as well as ways to make these extremely comfortable.

Purchasing a cradle that will compliment the current decorating style of the nursery shouldn't be too difficult. Cradles are commonly crafted from wood and stained to match any existing woodwork. There are a few that have a smooth coating of paint applied to them, instead of light or dark stain. Whether the outer coating on the wood is paint or stain, it is applied to keep the wood in great shape for many years to come.

When the rockers are fixed to the legs on the bottom of a tall cradle, this allows the bed to be gently rocked in the same fashion a rocking chair is. A few cradles are attached to a stand and the tiny bed sways from side to side as it hangs between the ends of this stand. For easier placement in the nursery, cradles that are suspended from a stand come with wheels to attach.

One select model of cradle is able to transform into a glider as the child gets older. There are also a few models that are made from iron. These hand-forged models have a piece of iron that is higher than the cradle itself. From this stand extension, a mobile can be hung for entertaining the baby.

Bedding is available for all sizes of cradles. Specially designed sheets are made for any size of cradle mattress and bumper pads are made to match the color of these sheets. Bumper pads, pillow shams, and comforters are also available in coordinating colors or designs.

The right sizes of sheets need to be used for cradles. Sheets that are baggy or able to bunch up can be unsafe for the baby. These can get wrapped around the baby and might even cause suffocation.

Safety is priority and making sure these cradles are safe is a must. Cradles are designed small, so that the child placed in them is also small. If a child that is large enough to stand up in a bed is placed in one of these rocking cradles, it is very easy for the child to tip the entire bed over. Once the baby is able to pull up on his/her own, it's wise to make a switch over to a regular sized crib.

Stores that sell cradles baby will enjoy are numerous. There are quite a few places where the cradles and other beds are set up o the store floor. This enables buyers the chance to see each cradle and make a decision as to which will be best suited for their baby.


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    • jeremytorres profile image

      jeremytorres 6 years ago

      Amazing design, Great hub. Thanks for sharing.