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Activities To Enrich Your Child's Learning

Updated on November 10, 2011

1. Talk to your children. When they are infants start with little talk and make silly faces. This activity grabs their attention and starts the learning process. As they turn into toddlers you can increase your vocabulary with them. The more words they hear early on the more quickly they will learn. Listen to your child when they talk to you and respond back. Not only will they learn good conversational skills but they will also feel like they are appreciated in return.

2. Learn With Play. There are many toys out on the market that can help with the learning process. My favorite one is Parents Magnet School. This is a great activity to promote learning the Alphabet. When finding the matching piece say out loud the sound of the letter. If it’s an animal make the sound of it to further their learning and its fun for them too!

3. Songs. Sing to them!! Music is a great way for children to explore music and get the waves in the brain moving. Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star and Mr. Sun are two of my daughter’s favorites. There are studies showing that music helps with a child’s learning like math, science and other areas so get your child’s love started early!

4. Let Them Explore Their Creative Side. Hand Painting, coloring, washable markers, jewelry, craft making and even Legos are all great activities to get the creative and imaginative part of their brain working. Who knows you might have the next Picasso on your hands. When they’re playing with colors ask them to point out what colors they are working with and correct them if need be. This will help them to learn and distinguish between them.

5. Read To Your Child. Not only does reading stimulate your child’s vocabulary but that precious time you read with your child makes them feel loved and cared for. When reading a page before turning to the next let the child take a moment to observe and point to things or ask questions. Also ask them questions in return. This will help them with their comprehension skills and get the mind thinking and exercising. Try to set aside a certain time each day to read a little to them. I find right before bed is the best time. It helps them to settle down a bit and becomes a good bedtime ritual.

6. Encourage Social Surroundings. Playgrounds, playgroups, church activities, family functions, playgroups, etc. all provide good environments for your child to meet other children. Start at an early age exposing your children in these environments. The earlier they start socializing the easier it will be. Good socialization skills will help them in all areas in life like school, jobs and their self-esteem. If they act shy or bashful at first don’t rush them into conversing with others. Let them know its okay and slowly encourage them in group surroundings. Many children battle shyness but don’t avoid crowds and other activities because you believe your child is unsocial. Combat their fear of socialization by further exposing them to these outlets but never rush a child it will just make them feel more uneasy.

7. Take Them Outside!! Television and gaming has is becoming ever so popular with children and there have been many studies linking the two with the growing numbers of obesity in our children. Limit how much they watch and play every day and take them more outside. Outdoor play will help them to run and exercise. Keeping the body healthy for anyone is good for the mind too! The outdoors also stimulates the senses and furthers creative learning. From searching for some worms or cool looking birds to playing in the sandbox much can be learned for a child’s good outdoors.

Whatever you do explore different outlets for your children. You never know what gifts or talents your children may have hiding behind that closed door. Learning is a lifelong process but starting with these basics can be a key to their success in life.

What Are Your Favorite Activites To Stimulate Your Young Child's Learning?

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    • MysteryPlanet profile image

      MysteryPlanet 7 years ago

      Reading with your child and being involved in what they do is very important. Actually communicating with them and not just talking down to them is also very important

    • lilypjmom2122 profile image

      lilypjmom2122 7 years ago from Minnesota

      Thanks evilia. Parenting is a tough buisness. These are activities I have found to be true with my own chidren. I'm sure there's countless more activities out there that can help with a child's development. This is just a handful of them. Glad you enjoyed it.

    • evilia_lim profile image

      evilia_lim 7 years ago from Jakarta, Indonesia

      A useful article especially to those who already have kids or parents-to-be