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Activities for Children on a Snow Day

Updated on October 12, 2012

Snow Days

The notice comes early in the morning that there will be no school today due to snow. The parents begin to think about the long day ahead, with a sense of dread. This is only because the children will be bored with nothing to do. It is most probably too cold for more than a short outing into the snow to play. Other parents will not relish having your children over at their house all day. This calls for a quick plan of action.

Having a plan of action in advance can really alleviate some of the stress that this day can produce. This is a simple list of ideas that can be looked at to help you plan ahead for a pleasant snow day.

Five ideas to keep the children entertained and happy on a snow day

1. Picking up crayons, markers,coloring books and activity books at the dollar store and having them stockpiled away until needed can really help out in cases like these.

2. During the after Christmas sales, you can pick up really inexpensive puzzles and games. These too can be placed high on a shelf and be brought out for a couple of hours of fun and laughter.

3. Making snow ice cream as a special treat. This is made very simply by adding 1 can of Eagle Brand milk with snow and flavoring with a little vanilla flavoring. This is made by mixing the milk with the snow and stirring. The snow will melt during the mixing, but you will place in the freezer after adding in vanilla flavoring to taste and it will firm back up.   If you use regular canned milk you will need to add in some sugar to taste. The children can help in gathering the snow from high clean areas and if old enough even assist with the stirring. While the ice cream sets up in the freezer, you can play one of the games.

4. Take the camera and get some good children in the snow pictures and if you own a printer then you can print them out and begin a special page for your scrapbook. If you do not own a printer, you can still make the pictures and create the pages in preparation for the pictures to arrive. Children love having their pictures made and they will usually come up with some very creative poses while out in the snow.

5. Make videos using your digital camera or web cam and post them on You Tube. Singing and dancing will use up so much energy and also let them show you how creative and talented your children are. Once the videos have been uploaded, send the grandparents links so that they can enjoy the talents of their grandchildren.

Five Old Standby Ideas

With a creative plan of action in mind you can enjoy some quality time with the children. These are other simple ideas and well known activities that will keep them occupied and not sitting on top of you saying "I'm bored".

1. Movie afternoon with popcorn and blankets. Snuggling in the kids to watch a family favorite will be a quite time that can be enjoyed by all age groups. Disney and Pixar movies attract most ages and parents alike.

2. Reading time can be a prelude to a nap if there are blankets and quiet reading time. After being out in the snow and after a nice warm lunch, a little quiet time is a good thing.

3. Computer game time can be a nice way for the children to spend some times while you are cooking a pot of chili or soup. This gives you the adult time you need during the day. There are many interactive games available for younger children on sites such as and

4. Outdoor fun can be as simple as making snow angels and snow forts. These activities will keep the children busy and having fun while they are allowed outside. Never forget the old standby of making a snowman. Finding a cap scarf and the sticks for the arms are a great way to burn off energy.

5. A cup of hot cocoa is a great way to warm up after spending a little time in the snow. Having packets on hand will give the kids a nice warming treat. If you have a fireplace, then sticks or wire coat hangers and marshmallows are another treat that can be saved for special snow days.

A little planning might be needed or you might already have most of these items on hand. Planning for snowy days will certainly help everyone enjoy the unexpected togetherness time. I am sure there are many other ideas that would be simple to plan and execute, these are only the tip of the iceberg.

I think every mother and father knows that there is nothing worse than having a house full of bored children that have no means of getting off energy.


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