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Advice on Breastfeeding

Updated on April 5, 2012

Me and my daughter

I have a 2 year old little girl who was breastfed until she was 15 months old. I loved it and can't explain the bond that grew between me and my daughter, my partner got so jealous over me breastfeeding, although supportive he did feel a bit left out when it came to feeding time which was (very) frequent but i would never change a thing. Everything they say about breast milk is true, it's great for your babies immune system, my daughter has never been unwell, she had a sniffle once and that was it, so why is Breast the best for your baby?

There is nothing in the world like breastfeeding your baby, that closeness, the bond and knowing you’re giving your baby the best start in life, it’s truly a gift. And the first thing I’d say is as soon as you have the bundle of joy, have him/her placed on your bare body and try feeding them, the sooner you try the more likely they are to take to the breast. (But there is always the chance that they might not take to it at all).

Breastfeeding is on DEMAND and it does feel like that’s all you seem to do in the 1st few months of having your baby, newborns normally feed every 2 hours or less, feeding frequently produces more milk for your newborn, when you start to feed less then you produce less. But this milk is so good for their immune and digestive system.



When feeding make sure your baby’s mouth is wide open, making sure your nipple is to the back of mouth, this will help you to get less sore while feeding. There are many different positions in which to feed your baby, again it depends on how you feel comfortable, as you could be in that position for a while. Two favorites are Lying on your side with your hand under your head, lie parallel to your body and position your breast. The other is the Cradle position, holding baby in your arms as you would if you were rocking them (see diagrams). When you start to breastfeed it is best to have skin to skin contact while feeding your baby, this helps bond mother and baby.

Lumps and hardness

If at first you suffer from hardened/engorged breasts, try either feeding again or express your milk. There are loads of breast pumps out there either manual or electric, both are good and it's down to the individual what you feel most comfortable with. see Breast_Pump_Basics for help. If you find lumps in your breasts while feeding, this could be a clogged milk duct, try when you’re feeding to massage your breast/lump in downward stroke towards your baby’s mouth. This reduces the lump and eventually goes away.

Cracked Nipples

This can be very painful, try massaging some of your milk on the area this helps a lot, and leave to dry naturally after feeding.

Artificial Teats

These can sometimes confuse your baby, so you should really wait a couple of weeks before introducing a dummy.

Money Saver

Breastfeeding is definitely a money saver, formula is not the cheapest. And how convenient, no having to prepare bottles in the middle of the night, no forgetting the bottle when you’re out and about, a true life saver!

The main thing is to get plenty of rest while Breastfeeding and eat well, and most of all enjoy it, as there is nothing else in the world like it!


Being that why wouldn't you breastfeed? Why would you use formula on you pure new bornbaby, when you can give them something thats created just for them naturally.

I hope all the info has been helpful.... just enjoy it, as it's a precious time and only lasts a while ;@]

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