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Advise For Teenage Girls

Updated on December 7, 2011

Most mothers of teen girls don't realize how complicated life is for their daughters..A simple decision such as choosing what out fit to ware to school can cause a teen girl to become frustrated especially if she is comparing herself to others.

Another issue teen girls face is their weight .So many teen girls are starving right in front of their parents.The sad thing, most parents don't even know.

.Mothers should teach their daughters at a young age to love who they are,just the way they are, everyone is different and we all have flaws.

The time will come too soon when the little girl will be a teenager.Then she will often ask your advice from make up, to boy friends. Be prepared mom..The advice you give, no matter how insignificant to you, may seem to be a mountain to her..

Finally, let her know you are there for her if just to listen without being judgmental


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