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Affordable Health Insurance For Children

Updated on September 29, 2012

No parent would like to compromise on the health of their children. When it comes to fulfilling the needs of their children be it educational, social, and economic or health wise most parents will stop at nothing. In an ideal situation the choice for health insurance should leave you feeling comfortable with the knowledge that no matter the condition your child’s health will always be put first. However, this is not always the case, sometimes when seeking medical help you may find that some conditions or medications are excluded from your medical cover denying your child the access to medical services they may require. A good insurance cover will ensure that your child can access medical, emergency, consultation, psychiatric, psychological and any other health assistance they may require to function and develop properly.

The first step in ensuring the health insurance you pick for your child is ideal is to ensure that the package is developed by a renowned company. Although small and less known companies offer much cheaper packages, the reliability of these companies is questionable. Most of the time you will find that these companies cannot afford the services that your child maybe needing because of their limited resources. Larger companies on the other hand have unlimited resources to cover medical procedures from terminal care to simple emergency room visits. People often purchase health insurance from the small companies only to find that the insurance is only good for treatment of emergencies and common ailments.

Tips On Saving

 Each state provides a different form of affordable health care packages covering children below 19 years. The packages are often provided in partnership with private agencies. The state governments subsidize the cost of premiums making them more affordable. Low income earners, small business owners and even the unemployed are provided with packages tailored for their economic status and their children’s needs. Some states have gone so far as to enlist the help of Nongovernmental organizations which pay health insurance for orphaned and abandoned children. The state governments have made a pledge to ensure that every child is provided with the right medical care through the availability of health insurance.

In addition to schools, local social workers are a fountain of knowledge when it comes to the needs of your child. Social workers interact on a day to day basis with insurance companies and can therefore help to point you in the right direction. They can recommend the ideal packages suitable for the financial status of your home and the needs of your children. Social workers are free to consult with making the advice you receive free. They deal with children every day and therefore have access to packages that are tailored for the needs of your child. While you may be less knowledgeable on these matters, social workers are experts.

 Secondly, it is important to seek legal expertise before signing any documents. Remember that you do not understand the language, terminologies and structure of insurance contracts and it is best to seek advice. You may find yourself paying high premiums yet you are only covered for emergency visits and not short or long term stays in the hospital making the insurance bogus. Advice can be sort from local lawyers at a small fee or more ideally from the public health offices. The public health has a record of insurance companies, their rates, performances and extent of coverage. The officials can therefore help you identify packages that are suitable for you and ideal for your child. If for some reason you cannot access the public health offices, then a simple visit to the health social worker could help. Many people sign on health insurance packages without consulting experts only to find that the terms of the contracts which are binding are not favorable to them.

 For parents earning very low incomes or unemployed, the Children’s health insurance is a good solution. The insurance is offered for free by the state or in some cases at minimum costs. Children who are not insured can be registered in the local public health and Medicaid offices. It is important to note that cases registered in the public health department must be investigated by social workers and it is therefore important for people to be truthful. Lying and fabricating information will only lead to exclusion of the child from the state health insurance programs. The programs have recently received new funding making it easier for them to cover the growing population of needy children.

Some schooling systems advice parents to insure their children with their own recommended health insurance company. The costs for such insurance are much lower since it is purchased in group form. Such companies partner with schools offering to lower their premiums in exchange for a high registration rate. The important thing to note is that these programs are especially ideal for children in boarding schools. Because the school has immediate access to the company, children can access medical treatment faster in case of emergencies or accidents.

When purchasing health insurance for more than one child, it is more advisable to insure the children as a group as opposed to individually. This not only reduces the premium costs by up to 50% but also ensures that you get a much more extensive coverage with less paperwork. It also ensures that the services available to each child are uniform. With the help of the state and national governments some insurance companies have tailored family packages that provide extensive coverage for all your children at affordable premiums. These packages also provide allowance for additional children, ensuring that children born after the purchase of the insurance can be added into the same package at a slightly increased fee.

The health of your children is important and should not be compromised by economic or social situations. With the help of the state government and insurance companies that care you can ensure your children are well covered. Whether it is a slight accident, an emergency room visit, a common ailment or significant illness you can rest assured your child will receive the best medical services as per your insurance.


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