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Top 30 African-American Girl Names With Meanings

Updated on May 1, 2018
AngelinaFernandes profile image

Angelina Has been working on AAP as a senior pediatrician, she has a passion for writing on parenting and baby names.


No matter you have a baby girl or a baby boy, you may be want to find a suitable, unique and cute name for her with a familiar meaning. If you are searching for an African-American themed girl name this is the right link you have clicked. Because in other websites you will get thousands of names like Alexandra, Alexis, Alyssa, Angel, Aniyah, Brianna or Chloe without any meaning. We have researched over internet made a short list of 30 African American baby girl names with meanings. Take a look at below list and find a suitable one for your girl:

30 Selected American African Names for Girls

  • Aaliyah: The name derived from Hebrew, related to Judaism. It means the honor of being called upon to read from the Torah.
  • Amaya: Amaya means 'heavenly valley' in Japanese language.
  • Ayana: Derived from African-American origin, means 'a cute flower'
  • Brie: A link of soft and creamy cheese
  • Ciara: It means 'Dark', Ciara was a famous Irish saint.
  • Delisha: It means something gives pleasure.
  • Donna: a title or form of address for an Italian woman when writing a letter to her
  • Farah: Means 'most amazing girl', a very popular name in the Arabian region.
  • Hannah: Hebrew name, means 'Favour or grace'
  • Indigo: Dark blue color, like denim
  • Javina: Derived from 'Sanskrit', means 'Sweetest one'
  • Jordan: A country, also a popular name
  • Karah: Scandinavian name means 'Pure'
  • Kea: A mountain parrot of New Zealand with a long, narrow bill and mainly olive-green plumage
  • Kiana: Irish word means 'Ancient'
  • Krislyn: Means Cheerful and friendly
  • Lavonne: Means 'wood'
  • Larah: Means 'Cheerful or happy' in Greek mythology
  • Lecia: Derived from Alicia, means 'Sweet and honest'
  • Mattie: Derived from German, means 'Strength in battle'
  • Natalie: It's a Latin word which means 'Christmass day'
  • Ornella: Derived from Italian, means 'gold'
  • Nisha: A very popular name in Indian subcontinent, means 'night'
  • Raca: Ancient Greek word means 'empty one'
  • Roonie: Scottish name means 'mighty ruler'
  • Shakia: Derived from African American origin, means 'one that resembles her mother or has her mother's traits'
  • Sydney: Famous Sydney, town of Australia
  • Taye: Unisex name means 'one who has been seen'
  • Tiyah: Means 'beautiful skin', uncommon name
  • Viera: Derived from Selvic, means 'faith'
  • Wilma: Means 'Protector'

That's the trendy African American names of 2018.Some credits goes for momion to collect hundreds of names in a page which helped me to select beautiful one from those names.

Your evaluation will help us to find the right names

Do you think these are the most trendy African-American names of 2018?

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    • AngelinaFernandes profile imageAUTHOR

      Anlelina Fernandes 

      19 months ago from NewYork, U.S.

      Hi Marianne...Actually, the names are popular among American Black girls...I read some article from you, also on baby names, your writing is fabulous...

    • daydreams profile image

      Marianne Sherret 

      19 months ago from Scotland, UK

      I'm curious, what makes a name African American? Are these the ones popular with African Americans?


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