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Age Appropriate Chores for Kids

Updated on July 4, 2012


Chores are a great way of teaching children to be responsible. The fact is that your home is their responsibility as much as yours. Help teach your child responsibility by giving them at least one weekly chore a week. Here is a list of 10 chores perfectly accessible for children 6 years old and older.

Life Skills

Chores are also a way to teach your child life skills. Nothing is worse than a child that reaches college not knowing how to clean their own room or do laundry. Help your child learn how to care for themselves as well as help others by giving them a chore.


Ten Age Appropriate Chores

Kids Chore Charts and Checklists

Take out the Trash

Taking out the trash was many of our first jobs. This can be done once a day or a few times a week. Make sure the trash is the right size for your child.

Wash Dishes

I remember washing dishes before I could reach the sink! A little step stool can go a long way for a small child. Teach your child how to wash dishes and allow them to practice washing them directly after a meal. This will help them see that if you do a duty right away, your space stays clean.


Feed the Pets

Taking care of a pet is a great job for a child. It teaches them responsibility as well as care and compassion. Feeding your pet, filling the water bowl and even cleaning a cage (depending on the animal) can be a great job for even small children. Plus, kids usually enjoy this type of work.

Clean the Family Room

The family room is usually a shared space and a perfect way to teach your child how to care for your family. Sweeping, throwing trash away and wiping surfaces are easy and quick enough not to bore your child.

Sweep the floors

Kids enjoy sweeping. Give them a broom and let them go!

Mop the Kitchen Floor

Mopping the floor is particularly appealing to kids that enjoy water. Be careful to show them how to fill the bucket and to wring the mop otherwise you are in for a wet floor!

Organize the refrigerator

Kids learn to sort at around 5 years old. By 6, you can use your child’s sorting skills to organize your refrigerator. This job can be done one big time and then your child can help put away groceries since they will know the refrigerator well.

Organize the cabinets

Just like the refrigerator, the cabinets are a sorting job that can be done with each grocery visit. Again, a step stool will be needed.

Wash clothes

Washing clothes brings together a child’s sorting skills plus multiple directions. This job is perfect for children 8 years old and older with monitoring.

Fold Clothes

It always amazes me how much children love to fold clothes. Teach them the basics and let the go! I suggest having them regularly fold and put away their own laundry.


Create a Routine

In order to get your child use to doing their chore, create a routine. Pick a consistent time and day of the week for jobs to be done. Maybe everyone is cleaning at the time. Started with a whole family clean allows your child to see that everyone is working for the good of the family. Charts and schedule are helpful for child.


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    • klurbauer profile image

      klurbauer 5 years ago from Brink of Insanity ;)

      Great advice in this Hub! I love that you mention setting up a routine -- makes all the difference for some kids. I have four kids and have given them many of the chores on your list over the years, but I have to admit I haven't been brave enough to let anyone mop the floor yet -- I'll have to add that to the list and see how it goes.

    • Johan Smulders profile image

      Johan Smulders 5 years ago from East London, South Africa

      Good advice in a world where children are often spoilt!