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Solid food feeding guideliness for babies

Updated on December 31, 2016

4 Months

Your baby's digestive tract is still developing. So it is best to give Breast milk or Formula milk only at this stage. Solid foods should be given around 6 months. If u want to feed solid food before 6 months, Pls always consult your doctor before giving.

Signs That Baby Shows When Ready to Eat

1. Can able to hold her/his head up.

2.Can able to sit.

3.Makes chewing motions.

4. Baby shows interest in foods.

5.Losing their tendency to push the food out of mouth with their tongue.

6 Months

Now you can start to feed solid food to your baby.

  • Two solid meals a day.
  • Always wait 2 to 3 days before offering another new food.
  • New food should be introduced one at a time.
  • Start with dilute purees. You can gradually increase the thickness level.
  • Don't force your baby if he/she doesn't eat.

Milk - Breast Milk or Formula Milk

Fruits - Apple, Avocado, Banana

Vegetables -Potato, Carrot, Beetroot

7 Months

  • You can feed rice mixed with vegetable purees or baby's usual milk.
  • Two solid meals a day.

Milk - Breast Milk or Formula Milk.

Fruits - Apple, Avocado, Ripe banana, Peer, Peaches.

Vegetables - Potato, Carrot, Beetroot, Beans, Peas

You can give kichadi,dhal water,idly.

9 to 10 Months

  • Soft pasteurized cheese, Yogurt, Cottage cheese
  • Protein rich foods such as lentils, meat, wheat.
  • Iron fortified cereals such as oats,barley,wheat.
  • Mostly you can give all soft fruits and vegetables.


Up to 9 months, feed her 20 ounces of breast milk or formula milk every 3 to 4 hours. At 9 to 12 months feed her at least 16 ounces of breast milk or formula milk every 4 to 5 hours.

If baby refuses to eat solids, try again later with different food. Start her first food with iron fortified, single grain cereals such as rice or oatmeal.

8 Months

  • Three meals a day.
  • Protein rich foods such as lentils,meat.
  • Iron fortified cereals such as oats,barley.
  • You can combine 2,3 vegetables with pureed rice.

Fruits - All soft fruits such as Apple, Avocado, Banana, Peaches, peer(Mashed)

Vegetables - Potato,Carrot,Beetroot, Beans,Cauliflower.

Milk - Breast Milk or Formula Milk.

Mashed hard boiled eggs.

11 to 12 Months

  • You can start giving cow's milk now.
  • Choose full fat dairy products for your baby.
  • You can give all kinds of foods such as fruits, vegetables, rice,bread,meat,fish,eggs.
  • Your baby's food is mostly like an adult food now

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Foods should baby have to avoid

Honey: It can cause Botulism, a serious illness.

Citrus: It may cause an allergic reactions. Consult your doctor before giving.

Cow's milk: Should not be given until they are 1 Year Old.

Nuts: Choking Hazards.

Sugar: Develops bad eating habits, Tooth decay.

Salt: Your baby's kidney can't cope up more than 1g of salt.

Uncooked and half boiled eggs.

Biscuits: Empty calories, Just a combination of maids and sugar.

Baby-led weaning:

Baby-led weaning means forgetting purees and weaning spoons and simply introducing a solid using 'table foods'. Baby-led weaning should be introduced at 6 months. They should able to sit up unassisted,have lost the tongue thrust reflex and should be able to grasp and hold on foods. You can give soft cooked and cut or mashed pieces. The best time to do this is when you and your family are eating. Its a great way to join in at mealtimes.

Nutritional facts of some baby food

Carbohydrates, protein, dietary fiber,vitamin c,calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and pottasium
Protein,fiber,carbohydrates, 1mg of iron,calcium,folate,potassium,vitamin A
Dietary fiber,antioxidant, vitamin C,B-complex vitamin,calcium,potassium, phosphorus
Dietary fiber,vitamin C,vitamin B6,biotein,copper,potassium, manganese
Dietary fiber,vitamin B-complex,vitamin C,minerals

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