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All Around the House/Potty Training Time

Updated on October 25, 2017

Simple potty training chart

Potty Training

Is it time to potty train your little one? You now start planning and buying things and hope for the best. My experience with raising 7 children is not to stress over doing the potty training time. I found some simple steps and finding out how your child will transition to the potty will help make potty training easier on you both.

1. Starting with floor potty or the toilet seat potty. My first 5 children all sat on the floor potty to begin there potty training then transitioned to sitting up on the toilet. When my sixth child was ready for potty training she refused to use the potty on the floor she wanted to be in the bathroom on the toilet, that was how she was potty trained. Now to my last child, and it seems my hardest, will do both. He will either go to the one in the bathroom or floor. As long as he is going I do not make it an issue. So the first thing is to see which potty your child is more comfortable with.

2. For the floor potty, find a place where your child will feel comfortable to go. You can move the potty anywhere you are or find that perfect spot they go to everyday that will help them go more easy. If they are using the potty on the toilet I used the bathroom closet to me which was near my bedroom or the kitchen.

3. Reward chart. Any chart will do, you don't have to go buy anything special. You can make your own chart as I did. I just drew an apple and had lots of stickers. Matthew was happy to put on a sticker everytime he finished using the potty.

4. Find an activity for your child while on the potty. Little coloring books, handheld games, books or even sit with your child and read to them if possible. Try not to rush the process, give them a chance to sit and try for awhile.

5. Last thing is to be consistent and have lots of patience. When you start a routine stay with that routine. It may be hard some days when you are running around doing everything else you have to do but stay with it and you and your child will be more happier and not so frustrated at the end.

I hope this helps anyone starting with potty training. Just remember to do what's best for you and your child, and try different things to get the process rolling.

Happiness and Blessings to you and your home!



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