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Dirty Dishes

Updated on October 5, 2012

I Must Be Stupid

Four Kids and One at a time they test us to see how far they can push before we burst.

We'll start with the oldest. Best feeling in the world on the day he was born. And don't get me wrong, but we couldn't be more pleased with the young adult he is close to becoming. I expect more out of him because he should know more. I've sometimes expected a little too much because I keep forgetting that he isn't my sidekick, but my son. I love the fact that even at 17 he sometimes will sit down and just start telling me everything about everything. Sometimes it can be overwhelming. I hope he always feels he can talk to us. Pride is a feeling I have for all of them.

A little story from a couple of years ago. I believe his Mom was boostering somewhere to allow us to afford Cheerleading, or she was at a competition. I was working late as planned ahead of time on a Friday night. I was also working early on Saturday. The conversation we had on Friday afternoon was to make sure they all ate and that he was responsible for the dishes. "OK Dad, but why do I have to do them?" - I'm not there and you have the ability. So he said ok to doing them. I walk in at midnight or so and the sink has dirty dishes in it. The dish drainer still has the dishes in it I had done that morning before leaving. I go to bed, and get back up at 6am to head back in to work. Fortunately it was a short day and I was out by 1PM. Nice beautiful sunny Saturday and when I arrive home he is downstairs with a friend with 2 empty soda cans and a full one in each of their hands watching TV. Now the sink is full of dirty dishes since they had made some lunch. "Why didn't you do the dishes last night?" ..his response was that there weren't that many. " Well now you're going to do all of them that are in the sink now"--- his response - There are way too many!

I can't make this stuff up.I remember sitting downstairs with him and he has control of the remote, but he is watching something palatable. Commercial break comes on and he panics- "where's the remote? I can't find the remote"....Did you try looking in your hand?

When he was growing up I always had a buddy, but being new to this Dad thing I don't think I appreciated the time we spent together as much as I should have. We've had endless games of catch over the years. I was involved in coaching him in basketball for 8 years and about 4 in baseball. Everything he has accomplished has been all about him and his intense desire to be better. He has played the Saxophone, Guitar, and sometimes the Piano. He has played other sports, like Football and Lacrosse, which I know way too little about to help Coach. He has gone to Nationals for DECA in High School. And now we're looking at College in less than a year and for the first time I see him hesitate because he's not quite sure what he wants to do for the rest of his life. That's a pretty good sign that he's reached a maturity level to make that decision. I have no doubts that whatever decision he makes will be the right one.


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