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Reusable Cloth Diapers – How to save Money for Parents

Updated on August 30, 2012

Having a newborn baby is exciting and can bring a lot of joy to the family. Yet at the same time, taking care of a newborn baby, especially for new parents, can be a huge challenge. Besides milking, diapers are one of the biggest challenges, both financially (the cost) and logistically (when and where to get diapers). Oh, and of course, technically (when and how to change diapers), for many new parents as well!

Back in the old days, before the invention of disposable diapers, people used cloth as diapers for babies and wash them after used. That sounds tedious but in fact was the most economically efficient and eco-friendly way.

Now, with modern technology and the care of environment plus your wallet, there are reusable all in one diapers made in cloth. You can use these diapers for multiple times and cleaning is relatively easy.

How does All in one Diapers work?

Take the Kushies reusable diapers – a very popular all in one diaper among parents as an example.

Like most other reusable diapers, the Kushies all in one diaper is made with 100% soft cotton flannel with an inner waterproof barrier. Reusable diapers are machine washable and dryable. The Kushies diapers are designed for optimum adjustability and a snug fit, thus no diaper covers are needed on top of it.

For cleaning, all you need to do is to change diapers and shuffle them into your washing machine. Many parents revealed that using reusable diapers cost them much less than paying $20 per week for infants to 3 year-olds on disposable diapers.

Reusable or Disposable diapers for your baby?
Reusable or Disposable diapers for your baby?

Comparison with Disposable Diapers

Wallet-Friendly Diapers

Needless to say, disposable diapers are convenient in a sense, that you only have to throw them away once it’s used. For reusable diapers, you would need more time for putting the diapers into washer and dryer (or line them on for drying).

So evaluate your own situation, whether you would spend more money on getting disposable diapers or to save money but spend more time on taking care of reusable diapers.

Not Sure if it Suits You and Your Baby? Get Trial Packs from Kushies to Try Out

Disposable or Reusable Diapers for Your Baby?

Disposable Diapers in 1 week
Disposable Diapers in 1 week

Eco-friendly Diapers

Another huge difference is the impact that these diapers brings to the environment. Disposable diapers would most probably end up in landfills, not to mention any non-dissolvable plastic elements in that. So if you are eco-friendly parents and would love to preserve a green environment for your kids to enjoy, consider reusable diapers.

Reusable Diapers as Gifts for Parents and Baby Shower

Check out more reusable diapers in the market, for sure you will find something suitable for you and your baby. All in one diapers and cloth diapers are also very considerate gift for new parents. You can also use all in one diapers to make diaper cakes as baby shower gift!

Your Own Story on Infant Caring?

I’m sure new parents would have loads of first time experience with newborn babies. Why not share your experience here in Hubpages and in turn get some extra money to spend on your family?

Start writing here in Hubpages.


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