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All you Need to know about Cloth Diapers

Updated on August 6, 2014

Cloth Diapers

Cloth diapers are generally regarded with a misconception that they are inconvenient and hard to maintain. Here are a few factors that might change the way you feel about cloth diapers.

Benefits of cloth diapers

Good for your baby

Disposable diapers have a plastic-like feel whereas cloth diapers are soft. Cloth diapers don’t contain any harmful chemicals and irritants and so your baby will not suffer any rashes or allergies. Also, some cloth diapers have leak-guard technology that keeps your baby’s bum dry.

Money saver

We have all heard about the amount of money we spend on disposable diapers. For a year, you need at least 7,000 disposable diapers. As cloth diapers are reusable, you will just need 24 cloth diapers. By switching to cloth diapers, you can save nearly $3,000 every year.

Some of the cloth diaper companies offer money back guarantee and attractive package deals. Make sure you check different online and land-based stores before buying them.


It might be astounding to hear that every year, US amounts to 3.4 million tons of waste due to disposable diapers. Also, we exhaust trees, petroleum and other resources to manufacture these diapers. Change to cloth diapers for a eco-friendly option.

Cloth diapers are manufactured by the “mothers of USA”. This gives an advantage to analyze the shortcomings of cloth diapers and bring in new innovations. Like, some cloth diapers come in a one-size-fits-all diaper. So you needn’t worry about changing the diapers when your baby grows.

Types of cloth diapers

There are 5 major types of cloth diapers.

Prefolds are your best choice if you have a low budget. They are rectangular and flat. You need to fold them in a trifold and fasten it with a snappi or pins. As they aren’t absorbable, you will need a cover. You can choose a woolen cover or waterproof and quick-dry diaper shells.

Fitted diapers are more absorbent than prefolds but are not waterproof. So you will need a waterproof cover. Also, you needn’t fold them as they fit your baby and can be fastened with snaps, hook or loop closures. They have leg elasticity and they help in controlling leak around the leg.

Pocket diapers have waterproof cover and have polyester lining that acts as a pocket. You can add an absorbent pad or prefolds in the pocket.

All in one cloth diapers have a waterproof cover with absorbent layer inside. They are somewhat similar to disposable diapers but with the benefits of cloth diapers.

Hybrid diapers consist of a shell within which you can either insert cloth or disposable absorbency layers.

Cloth diaper accessories

  • Liners are often used to help in speeding up the cleaning process. You place them inside your diaper and once your baby has pooped in it, you can just flush them down the toilet (in case of flushable liners). If you don’t have flushable liners, you can dispose them.
  • Doublers can be used if your baby is in daycare or sleeping. This will give double protection from leakage.
  • Cloth diaper pail with fasteners can help you store those dirty cloth diapers. Sprinkle a bit of baking soda to remove odor.
  • In case of prefolds and fitted diapers, you will need a snappi, pins or velcro to hold the diaper.
  • Diaper sprayers can be used to remove poop from the diapers. Fit it to your toilet and you are good to go.

If you need an affordable and eco-friendly solution, switch to cloth diapers.


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