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Allergy...I beg you please go!

Updated on March 13, 2011

My 2 year old son has a lot of allergies. We first discover it when he was just a few week old and small red dots and rashes appears on his arms and face. The doctor said he was allergic to milk and so we changed his milk from regular milk supplement to a hypoallergenic one.

Sad to say, hypoallergenic milks which are also called Hydrolyzed milk, cost way much expensive than the regular milk supplement in the markets. That kind of milk also has limited stocks around here. We have to go to major supermarkets and departments stores in order to buy the milk.

I did not opt for breast feeding because one of my doctors said that if I am taking medicine for high blood pressure it is risky for the child to take breast milk.

Always seek second opinions

After a month or two, contrary to what my doctor said, my baby’s pediatrician told me that it is tolerable and said that it is all right for me to breast feed even I am taking medication for high blood pressure, which makes me so annoyed with the doctor who advices me not to breast feed. It could have saved me from milk expenses if I have sought for second opinion about it earlier. I know it is too late for breast feeding now and way too late because my baby already has the allergies which could have been prevented if I only knew.

According to my doctor, this time a good one, breast milk is low in protein compare to high quantity of protein present in cow’s milk and because of that the child may acquire allergy or other infections. Some children may outgrow allergies when they reach 3 to 5 years old but others never did. She suggested that I gradually introduce cow’s milk in his diet from time to time to test if it is already gone or not.

I learned a lot from my new doctor, no thanks to the old one. I just regret that I haven’t known that earlier. Now I know what to do, although I learned my lesson too late, I can apply the knowledge I’ve learned if circumstances requires it. At least nothing worst happened to my baby and I am just hoping that he will outgrow the allergies soon.


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