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Always Daddy's Little Girl

Updated on May 24, 2017

Dad, I learned so much from you.
You showed me what to do.
When I needed help
You were there,
Always to share

Dad, remember when
I learned to ride my bike.
You stayed by my side
To guide me along
Where I belong.

Dad, when I didn't understand
My homework,
You taught me how.
Sitting with me
So I could see.

Dad, you took me to the park.
How I loved to swing!
You pushed me high,
High as can be -
So much to see.

Dad, I enjoyed sitting on your lap,
Being with you,
Jus us together.
Things I have learned from you
Dad, I love you, too.

Dad, you taught me
Right from wrong.
Showing me why,
So much now.
I see how.

Dad, I'm thankful
For all your care.
You gave me much,
Your guidance and protection.
I'm your reflection.

Dad, I'm grown up now
Ready to leave.
Thank you much.
Remember the day
You gave me away.

Dad, our time together
Meant so much.
Things unsaid
No longer matter.
My love for you is not sadder.

Dad, memories of you,
Things we did,
Are still in my heart.
I love you still
And always will.

© 2017 Deborah Lynn Kovacic


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