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Always Ready to Change Directions

Updated on August 16, 2010

One Day Apples the Next Day Bananas

We began the summer season with a schedule for high school junior varsity work out camps.  My youngest has been playing school football for the last three years and this would be his second year playing at the high school.  Last years season was cut short with a concussion during the first game, but after a year of rest, he was ready to play again.  To give him a bit more protection, we opted to purchase a higher grade helmet than the school provides and were just counting down the days.

Then, our apples became bananas!  One and a half weeks after two-a-days began and one and a half weeks before school starts, my youngest decided he no longer wished to play football and he no longer wanted to participate in the drama at the high school.  He asked to be homeschooled.  Ok... Lets look into it...

Making Banana Pudding!

Took keep in line with the fruit theme I started, let's make banana pudding with our new situation!

My youngest decided Wednesday evening, after church, that he wanted to be homeschooled. At first I was surprised and a bit apprehensive when he told me on our way home from church, but by the time we got home, I decided I needed to make an informed decision and give my son as much information as possible for him to make the best decision for him. If he is going to do this, he has to be completely sure this is what he wants. There will be no jumping from banana pudding to applesauce! I began to research what homeschool options were available as well as what state requirements were.

I found some great information and a great program that will tailor his classes to his learning needs.  At this stage he is taking some assessment tests to see where he is knowledge wise compared to where his home school program is.  Some of this is frustrating him (and me) because he has learned how little the public school system has taught him; however, he is understanding that this is just a learning curve and things will improve.  Once he gets into the swing of things, it will improve.

He has begun to tell all of his friends that he is being home schooled, especially the ones that are wondering where he is during football practice.  I asked him what he thinks he will miss the most, and his response was none of it.  So we plug on ahead!

Good Ol' Banana Puddin...

Well, hopefully this new adventure will prove to be as exciting as it began.  I'm sure there will be days when neither of us want to continue, but I do believe the rewards at the end, and the sacrifices needed to get there, will be well worth everything.  I will try to keep an update going, and perhaps encourage some of you that are considering this option as well.


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    • danielaridley profile image

      danielaridley 7 years ago from Texas

      Thanks Jupiter! I am the Youth Director at my church and lead the teens as well! We are a small church but now have 3 high schoolers that home school. It's great that these teens have such conviction at a young age! Thanks for stopping by!

    • Jupiter1385 profile image

      Jupiter1385 7 years ago from Illinois

      Good luck! I hub hopped over here and found your hub very interesting. I am a youth leader at my church's highschool youth group and we have a few students who chose to be homeschooled versus public school.