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Amazing things

Updated on July 29, 2012

The wonder of it all in pictures

Sharing with my son amazing things

Did you ever see something and just ponder how it could be done and how truly amazing it is and to actually witness it makes it all the more incredible? Sometimes I have seen things that defy imagination and the laws of physics. It just is a wonder and a joy to see it and to have the opportunity to share it with my son makes it all the more special. I have a passion for race car driving and Nascar is something I remember watching as a child with my father. I always enjoyed seeing the race cars circling the track at top speeds and hearing the roar of the engines. The cars are going so fast and the drivers have to be in such top shape to handle the forces and the potential crashes. The drivers are specially trained and they are living the thrill as they speed around the track at unimaginable speeds of 175 - 200 miles per hour and they rely on great teamwork.

I always found it fascinating and I point out to my son the concept of teamwork and that is exactly how the members of a pitcrew work in readying a racing car and it's driver in getting back on the race track. They are amazing in how fast and efficient they work in changing all the tires, fueling up the vehicle and checking the engine and getting the race car and driver back on the track in 15 seconds or less. It takes special training and dedication and the ability to work in unison for a common purpose. It is thrilling to watch and I find it an interesting part of race car driving.

I have had limited opportunities to ski and I am a beginner skier but I just love the lift ride up to the slope and the ski ride down is an amazing feeling that is hard to describe. You actually have to experience it and take it all in. I love the sensation of gliding through the snow as I pass fellow skiers and just feel free and feel in control as I ski down to the resort area. I wish I could do it more often and would love to share the experience with my son. The first time I skied was during winter break in my sophomore year of college and it was such an enjoyable experience that I still remember it quite vividly as if it was only yesterday.

When I see Olympic skiers on the tv racing at top speeds of between 80 - 90 miles per hour with such precision and accuracy it is quite an amazing sight and I am truly in awe as I see them cross the finish line at such top speeds. Skiing is such a fast and exhilarating sport that tests the limits of human endurance and has such physical demands on the body that the skiier has to be in total control and one tiny mistake can be devastating.

Another sport that involves snow and acrobatics with a snowboard is snow boarding and the best athlete in the sport is Shaun White who seems to always amaze and delight the crowds. He is quite an accomplished athlete who has won Olympic gold on many occasions and is so fluid in his motion and has such a tremendous dedication to his sport and is such a dynamic personality that everyone loves what he has done for his sport and loves the thrills he provides in his unimaginable routines that also defy physics and logic and tests the very limits of what the human body can do. When Matty and I were watching the 2010 Vancouver Olympics the most exciting sport for the both of us was the snowboarding and the most exciting athlete to watch was Shaun White.

Another sport that brings raw emotion and wonder is free style motor cross which involves a bike, a rider, a ramp and acrobatics and the best in the sport is Travis Pastrana who is an athlete that never gives up in his pursuit to be the very best. He does death defying flips in the air with his bike that just never ceases to amaze the crowds. He is truly an athlete in top shape who has no fear and pushes himself to the very limits to do incredible acrobatic feats on a bicycle that defies the laws of gravity and physics. When I watch this with my son he never gets the full effect as he always covers his eyes hoping that his routine will be a success free from accidents. In this sport one miscalculation can be the difference between winning and winding up in a hospital emergency room. These sports are not for the masses as only the very dedicated who have no fear of getting hurt and push themselves to the very limits can participate.

On a personal note having grown up in a family that made their livelihood for 2 generations in the ironworks I am very aware how ironworkers push themselves to the limit too and seemingly have no fear of heights as they risk their lives everyday for the building of skyscrapers, bridges, hospitals, colleges, museums, libraries, ballparks and so many amazing structures that provide us with opportunity, convenience, education, healthcare and entertainment. They are the heroes that we should acknowledge with appreciation and respect and when we look out from a skyscraper's window or we crossover a bridge or take in a ball game at our favorite stadium we should remember that ironworkers were the one's who made it all possible. They are amazing in what they do and we should never forget that. My son and I both realize that and Matty and I both have memories when Pop would talk about his days working on the Verrazano bridge and the World Trade Center. He was always a proud local 361 ironworker. Ironworkers are truly amazing in what they do.

Edward D. Iannielli III

Shaun White Snowboarding

Travis Pastrana

Pit crew


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