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An Anxious Move for a Child

Updated on July 23, 2012

An Anxious Move

In September, my two little grandchildren will be moving to a new neighbourhood. They have lived a few blocks away from me throughout their entire lives. They have mixed feelings about the move. My eight-year-old granddaughter seems to be slightly more anxious about the move than her six-year-old sister, and she best describes it in her story "Two Best Friends."

I've decided to post to her story which is written in her own words, in hopes that parents will be aware of the emotional trauma some children experience when they're in the process of moving.

Two Best Friends by Chayla

Chapter 1

Once there was a little pup that had a black coat.

She was found on the street with her family - Little sister and her mother.

She was taken with her family to a rescue place, where they sell animals.

And they fed animals, and they made rooms for animals, and babysat pets and helped animals in need of help.

She lived there for eight years, but she was small. She wanted a friend.

Chapter 2 – A Best Friend

One day, a new family was found with a pup which was eight-years-old as well. She was very shy and scared. Linda came up and sniffed and she helped Rosie get used to the place. Rosie had a peach fluffy coat and she had dark, brown eyes. Linda looked with her light brown eyes and stared. She was very helpful.

Chapter 3 – What a surprise

One day two best friends step through the door and were looking for pets on sale, and Linda looked and said, “Look! Rose! Two best friends!” and Linda and Rose were on sale, running around. The two best friends looked at the dogs and picked one up and they bought them. They went home and one of them had a pink collar with a heart-shaped gold licence, and put it around Linda’s neck, and one of them had a orange collar with a heart-shaped licence, as well. They brought the two pups home and put on clothes on the pups, - pearls around Linda’s neck and a pink dress with a red rose and they put pearls on Rose’s neck. And put a blue dress, and the two headed out to show the other dogs their outfits.

Chapter 4 – The Problem

The two best friends – one was moving away. The other pup will stay. The other pup will leave with the best friend. What will Linda do? Rose got scared and nervous again and hid under Linda’s owner’s blanket and stayed. Linda was looking for Rose, calling her name. Rose! Rose! She looked in the bushes. Linda wasn’t there. She looked behind the tree. Rose wasn’t there. She looked under the couch. Rose wasn’t there. She looked under the bed, Rose wasn’t there. She looked under the covers. Rose was there! “what’s the matter Rose?” said Linda. “Haven’t you heard the news? One of the best friends are moving." "That’s terrible but who?" "Well it’s you and me. You are moving on the other side of the CN Tower an I am moving farther away from the CN Tower." "That’s terrible! What are we going to do?” Linda begged her owner and her owner begged her mom, “We cannot move. Our dogs will never see each other again." It was too late. They had packed their stuff and left and they unpacked their stuff. Linda rolled over and over and didn’t know what to do. She spun around and spun around until the phone rang. “Ruff ruff!" A bark came from Linda’s mouth and she tossed the phone and her owner caught it. It was the other dog’s owner. "They said that they are coming over to see the new place," so they came. And as soon as the other owner stepped through the door, the dogs collapsed into eachother and licked and jumped and chased each other’s tale. And the mom’s said, “Wow! Your dogs really are best friends!” They asked if they could visit each other, so they did and they kept on visiting and visiting and visiting. And they lived happily ever after.


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    • kanupriya sharma profile image

      kanupriya sharma 5 years ago from chandigarh

      nice one...thanks for sharing ! It touches heart :)

    • 666divine profile image

      666divine 5 years ago from Toronto, Ontario

      Jennifer, kumar and shalini - thank you so very much. I telephoned my granddaughter and told her about the response to her story. She is so excited that her story is so well received that she plans on writing more.

    • shalini sharan profile image

      shalini sharan 5 years ago from Delhi

      this was really touching

      loved it

    • profile image

      kumar24894 5 years ago from Fuck of HUBPAGES

      It is too touching one. I loved it a lot.

      voted up and sharing :)

    • Jennifer Stone profile image

      Jennifer Stone 5 years ago from the Riverbank, England

      What a lovely moving story written by one so young! Thank you for sharing this work, it actually brought a tear to my eye to read it! Tell your granddaughter her story has been voted up and awesome, and shared for others to read! All the best from the riverbank in England, Jen