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An Easy Guide to Applying Sunscreen to Kids

Updated on June 19, 2013

Don't Forget the Sunscreen!


The Summer Sun

Children are very susceptible to sunburns, it is important that as parents and caregivers that we protect our children from sunburns. One bad sunburn before the age of 18 can increase the risk of sun cancer. Even cloudy days can prove to have harmful UV rays. It may be cold or warm but the sun is still shinning. I have seen many skiers come off the ski hill with terrible sunburns on the parts of their bodies that were exposed to the sun. What those people fail to realize is that even though it is not hot outside they are closer to the sun when skiing on top of a mountain.

Child Care Facilities

Remember that daycare, summer camps, and schools are not allowed to apply sunscreen without written permission. Sunscreen is considered a non-prescription medication in these circumstances, even though we all know that it is not really a prescription. You will need to apply sunscreen before you take your child to these places and provide both the sunscreen and written permission if you want it reapplied. Due to the risk of applying incorrectly or causing sunburn some care facilities will refuse to be responsible for the application of sunscreen. Make sure you ask your provider if they apply and what they need in order to be able to apply it.

Mom's Turn

Do you remember to put sunscreen on yourself

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Applying Sunscreen

Apply the sunscreen 30 minutes before going outside. This is something that is often overlooked, even as a mom I spray the kids right before we head outside. Apply sunscreen generously to all exposed skin. Part of the body that are often neglected

  • Hands
  • Feet
  • Ears
  • Behind the neck
  • Around the mouth and face
  1. Start with the larger parts of the body. Put sunscreen generously on the arms, legs, and upper body.
  2. Then move to the extremities, Cover the hands and feet. The tops of the feet needs sunscreen especially if they are wearing sandals or barefoot.
  3. Move to the top of the body and work your way down.
  4. If you have a boy with short hair it might be best to get the entire head, If you have a girls or boy with longer hair that has a part, don't forget to put sunscreen in the part of their hair, I have had that sunburn and it hurts.
  5. Get the tips of the ears and around the cartilage of the ears.
  6. Then get the face, around the eyes, nose, cheeks, and mouth.. Use you hands to do this is you are using a spray sunscreen.
  7. Put sunscreen on the neck both front and back. Even if the child has long hair make sure to get the back of the neck. Hair moves and the skin can be exposed.
  8. Don't forget to finish with a hug - I add this because it let my kids know I am done and that they don't have to hold still any longer.

Protect Your Child's Skin

OUCH - 20 years ago we didn't know what we know now
OUCH - 20 years ago we didn't know what we know now | Source

Can you put sunscreen on a Baby?

Sunscreen is not recommended for babies under 6 months old. Young children should not be in direct sunlight for extended periods of time and should be protected through clothing, hats, and shade.

To My 16 Year Old Self - An Important Message


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    • CarlySullens profile image

      CarlySullens 4 years ago from St. Louis, Missouri

      Sunscreen is so important. We never leave the house without it. It is so important to remember feet and ears, they get burned rather quickly and can easily be forgotten. Great hub.

    • Glimmer Twin Fan profile image

      Glimmer Twin Fan 4 years ago

      This is a really useful hub!!!! I was a lifeguard for years and a sun worshipper for many more. In my late 40s now I realize how much more careful I should have been. I still enjoy the sun, but am more careful and use lots of sunscreen. I am quite careful about putting sunscreen on my daughter and have tried to instill in her how important it is for her to use it. All I can say is use sunscreen and make your kids use it too! Thanks for this.