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Lolo's Wish for his Grandson Nico

Updated on January 29, 2015
Nico (leftmost)
Nico (leftmost)

Nico is a rotten mango

A rotten mango is deposited in the waste bin. I compare you to a rotten mango at this point in time. A rotten mango taste bad. It emits an unsavory smell and unlikely taste to the palate. It is segregated so it will not spoil the good ones. Then it is thrown to the garbage or feed to the pigs.

Nico speaks unkind and harsh words to his mother

There are times that you don't show respect to your Mama. Reportedly, you speak unkind and harsh words to her and perhaps to other members of your family. Young as you are, you already indulged in drinking liquor with companions to the point that when you're already intoxicated you commit actions unacceptable to society.

His motorcycle looks weird as if from outer space

When you do ride your motorbike- you let it run beyond what is allowed by law, roaring loud earning as it goes the ire of neighbors. Look at what you've done to your motorcycle. You've remodeled it with looks as if it comes from outer space. You copy bad trends of boys your age, letting nasty words and figures be tatooed in your young body. You've thrown caution to the winds. You don't seek advice whether a thing is good or bad.You make decisions through your whims and caprices.

This is your picture, Nico. This is your character. Your picture is somewhat bad. Your character is somewhat bad. You are like a rotten mango.

God loves you. We love you.

Respect mother, family; stop drinking, smile and drive motorcycle at reasonable speed. God's will that you will be born by your mother. HE wants you, all of us, to be Godly children Show all your love and respect to your Mother. You have but one mother. You are rude to show disrespect and hatred to her and to other members of your family. Drinking liquor- mark my word- will do you no good. It will destroy your mind, heart, lungs, liver, etc. Smoking cigarettes as well as taking in shabu, marijuana, cocaine and the like will not bring profits and money for your future children.

Eat fruits, vegetables and sleep well

What your body needs to be strong and healthy are vitamins and food nutrients taken from good food like rice, fish, fruits and vegetables. Very sound sleep and exercise are essential for your growth. Drive your motorcycle with reasonable speed. Always smile to everybody wherever you are so that they- your peers and other people will not misinterpret you "Matigas" (tough).

Nico is a special child- a cleft palate

I knew you're a special child. Don't despair of your physical disability of being cleft palate. Look around you. Look far and near. There are more incapacitated individuals than you who are successful in their chosen fields of endeavors. Get inspiration from them. You are fortunate. God has bestowed in you complete parents and siblings who are more than willing to assist you achieve your dreams.

Lolo: Just be good Nico. I love you.

Nico- don't get mad at me. I am your Lolo. You are my grandson. I want your future to be bright. I want you to be God-fearing and law-abiding citizen. I want your life now and forever to be fruitful and full of happiness.

Read and reread this advice. Heed this and you'll not regret. Always pray for God's guidance. I love you.



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