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Lost souls'

Updated on June 15, 2010

murder massacre and suicide

Columbine high school
Columbine high school
Virginia tech
Virginia tech
W.R.Myers high school
W.R.Myers high school
Dowson college
Dowson college
Kauhajoki school
Kauhajoki school
Botelagt etter
Botelagt etter

I am that unwanted seed raised in anger

without love

I am-the one that you read about

and judge without understanding

For you've never lived my life

so it's of no significance to you

Who sees me as someone's scorn and refuses

to let go of the past

I am that pain inflicted time and time again

That black rain that pours down

Like a drunken fist needing to beat away

his demons

I am the drums of a native soul

levitating into the clouds on a journey to

a new begining

Rising from the ashes like the phoenix

I sore to new hights where my soul

is no longer tormented

For I am now free from the burdens that

was once me   (C)


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