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Ancestry and Relations

Updated on January 20, 2015
Family Photos
Family Photos | Source

My Family

I had a conversation with my grandma once where she informed me that her and my aunt got together and went searching for my grandpa's family. She used, the ever useful, to uncover that we were related to President Franklin Delano Roosevelt and President Ulysses S. Grant. I thought that was really cool on it's own but then, through research done by me, I uncovered the fact of being related to many more interesting characters including the first man in space, that being Alan B. Shepard and also yet another president that being Calvin Coolidge. On top of all that, through this research, I had also learned that on that same side of the family Laura ingalls wilder is included. She is the author of the original Little house on the Prairie Series which eventually inspired the well known and beloved that ran throughout the 70's and 80's even having reruns into the 90's.

Signing of the Mayflower Compact
Signing of the Mayflower Compact | Source

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Where It all Started

Going back to the man who was the very first to use our surname is also interesting. His name was Philippe De Lannoy and he immigrated on the second ship after the mayflower to Plymouth, MO . He came over on the Fortune, as was the name, in 1621. Making him one of the very first settlers of America and of the 13 Colonies. His being none other than the Plymouth which included the persons who first celebrated thanksgiving. Phillip was even, supposedly, related to a few signers of the Mayflower Compact but I don't believe that is confirmed at the current time. for now this is just speculation but as it is likely I have decided to include it anyway.

Research Your History

I hadn't known this until about ten years ago but for most of my life I have always wondered who was in my extended family and I couldn't be more glad of that curiosity as it lead me to learn of the pioneers that existed within it. I suggest everyone who has not given it a chance yet to ask around for your family information and research it, sometimes you can discover things you never imagined. Through doing the research, I was able to share with my mom our relation to Laura Ingalls Wilder. She was more than elated. The Little House on the Prairie series was, and always will be, one of her favorite programs. I have childhood memories of watching it with her and now we have this cool association with it that I would have never known about if it wasn't for the research we did.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt
Franklin Delano Roosevelt | Source

How You Can Find Your Family Information

After reading this article you may be curious as to finding out who is in your family tree, who is notable, and where you can find all of this information so i have included several useful tips and websites for you to unlock and discover your roots. Before you begin your adventures and to move the process along faster you should ask around for your extended families names, birth dates, and dates of death. This will insure you are on the right track to finding the correct information and facts you are searching for. Next you can use these great tools to help get you started:

Why Use
How To Obtain
Usually gives names and relations. Useful in providing information.
Most are posted online but some you will need to order through the holding library of said ancestor's obituary.
Gives in depth details including army records, birth places, dates and likewise for death information.
You can eaither gain access by the many free trial offers they offer around the web or pay for a subscription to the service.
Gives surname details and has unlimted information including many genolgy sites and even other members of your family that have posted information.
Use the search function to look up information.
Your family is the best source for factual information, names and dates. Always go to them for the facts first.
Ask around. Chances are your family knows more than you on this topic especially grandparents, parents and other extended members.
Tree Builders:
Use this awesome feature to track all of the information you gather. There are some that go really far into detail and depth. It will help you organize your information and keep track of it all.
Go to Google and search for it. Pick one that suits you and download it to your computer. From there you can start creating your very own trackable family tree.
Graveyard | Source


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    • teaches12345 profile image

      Dianna Mendez 2 years ago

      I have friends who do this as a dedicated hobby. It is so fascinating how they find details from their past history. Thanks for providing how to proceed. Maybe one day I will look into mine as well.

    • Word Pools profile image

      Word Pools 2 years ago from United States of America

      I have been addicted to genealogy for a couple of decades now. I am glad you have found so many interesting (and famous) characters in your family tree. I hope they have passed their good genes on to you! What is a tree builder?

    • BrandyMD profile image

      BrandyMD 2 years ago

      Thank you and a tree builder helps you organize and keep track of your ancestors. It's a family tree but in an online form. You can download it and add unlimited information about your family.

    • profile image

      Stargrrl 2 years ago

      I think this is a really cool hub. My family is recently trying to use and some DNA kit to track down other family members, and the history of our family.

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